Kitronik develops student skills by supporting the teaching of basic electronics techniques. 

Keen to assist teachers in equipping students with the key skills to make good progress in electronics, Kitronik has produced a ‘Learn to Solder Pack’ which has been carefully designed for use in Key Stage Three (KS3) Design and Technology lessons. 

The kit has been created to give students a successful introduction to soldering with simple component placement. Further information is available to view on the Kitronik website here

Supporting soldering success 

Kitronik has produced a wealth of materials to aid the teaching of soldering. Both the project kit and the supporting materials provide invaluable step by step guidance. Even teachers with a limited knowledge of electronics will have no trouble using it to help them develop a scheme of work and lesson plans. It outlines everything teachers need to discuss with students, making this a foolproof starting point for the teaching of soldering.solder kit

The ‘Learn to Solder Pack’ is intended to offer a low-cost introduction to the skill of soldering, just 40 pence per pupil, and provides all of the parts and PCB’s required for a class of 25 students. 

The task is to solder four resistors and one LED to the PCB before pressing it to the terminals of the 9V battery to check that the board works. The pack contains guidelines to enable students to self-assess their work and trouble shoot problems.

The guide introduces all the ‘must know’ areas for a comprehensive introduction to soldering. A video about the guide can be viewed here

Making Electronics Accessible to All

With this latest project Kitronik is again showing its commitment to making electronics accessible to all. 

Kitronik director Kevin Spurr, is pleased that the company has developed such a practical pack commenting. “We’ve produced this detailed guidance after listening to D&T teachers some of whom felt they were lacking in the confidence and experience to teach soldering. With all resources provided, the pack should be a great asset for teachers and allow for successful outcomes. As always, we’re here if anyone needs a little more help. At Kitronik, we really want to see soldering, which is a crucial basic electronic skill, being taught well so that students are empowered for further success.”


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