Prowise UK Director says teachers need to stop testing technology and start embracing it

There is something special about having your name announced as one of the best in the business. There is something incredible about being part of a company you believe in as they are recognised by one of the world’s most prestigious industry awards.

International education technology specialist Prowise won the Digital Device award for their Chromebook ProLine at the BETT awards this year. A huge achievement for all of us. 

The Chromebook ProLine is our new addition to the Prowise personal device range. The device transforms from laptop to tablet in a few clicks, it’s advanced durability means you (or your students) can drop it from up to 90cm high and it won’t get broken.

Two years ago, almost no one in the UK had heard of Prowise. Now we have the prestigious BETT award under our belts and we are confident we will be launched into the limelight of the education technology industry.

I brought Prowise into the UK a few years ago and started to introduce it to education in this country by selling through third parties. This method worked for a while until one day I realised there was something a little disjointed. lifts lifestyle close up

We weren’t easily able to give our customers the all-round support that Prowise as an international company prides itself on. I didn’t feel like our customers always got the best possible price or whole solution. And these were all things that I knew were important to Prowise, and to be honest, important to me.

This is what brought us to today, to launch as an independent company (as Prowise UK) and go to schools and teachers directly. It would make our jobs easier and their purchase better. 

What we want to achieve in the UK, is to provide teachers with a flexible, easy to use and helpful technology environment that they feel comfortable and confident using. 

The All in One system helps me to explain more simply what I mean by this ‘all-round solution’. This is one of our core products, a touchscreen, an adjustable lift, a PC module and our resource filled software, Presenter. Combine this with a set of our award-winning Chromebook ProLine laptops and you have your solution.

We believe in a flexible learning environment for every single student and that the teacher deserves an easy to use, resource-filled and exciting technology solution. Prowise around the world is based on this very important ethos that will help shape the next generation.

We all know that sometimes technology can seem scary, especially to those of us who don’t class ourselves as a ‘Millennials’. But for teachers who are educating the future leaders, programmers and even astronauts, technology is vital.

There is often a stigma around technology, thinking we are too old to adapt to it, which can lead to a belief that teachers aren’t as computer savvy as their students. That’s wrong. Actually, a recent survey by Education Week magazine showed us that more than 50% of teachers feel comfortable using new technologies. 

However, the same report found they were test driving the new edtech and not using it for more ‘active and collaborative approaches’. I find myself wondering, if teachers have the confidence to experience and experiment with new technologies, why aren’t they using it to their advantage?

We could blame our routines, even if we are willing to experiment with something we might not be keen to embrace it and change our habits.

matt daly
Matt Daly,
General Director of Prowise UK

The thing is, there are probably a lot of reasons around the teacher AND the technology as to why teachers don’t embrace edtech as much as they could. Education technology needs to be adapted to the teacher and the classroom, almost like the perfect surround sound system.

Because of this I have ended up asking myself another, possibly more important question, how can I help them use it more effectively in the classroom?

Well, that’s easy isn’t it? By making it simpler. 

We’ve heard teachers wonder why their school’s technology system isn’t synced up many times. Why does their projector doesn’t always collaborate with their screen? Why they have to use an array of different softwares for administration, registration and presentation? And so on…

Sometimes schools can be guilty of having a variety of different hardware and software and this doesn’t make for an effortless teaching environment. 

Here enters the Prowise 360-degree solution. An all-round system to facilitate teaching and learning, not halt or hinder it.

As well as kit and presentation software, we offer free demonstrations, where one of our expert team members will come to your classroom and show you the ropes of our hardware and software. To browse our products and get in touch here,

by Matt Daly, General Director of Prowise UK


About Prowise UK:

Prowise UK & Ireland, based in MediaCityUK in Manchester, have launched this January 2017. They are growing their new team everyday with education and technology experts. 

Prowise is an international education technology provider founded in Budel in 2009. 

The Prowise product range includes award-winning cloud based software, with over one million ready-made lessons, high-tech classroom touchscreens, innovative lift systems and personal devices. All for highly competitive pricing and outstanding warranty.


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