Leading travel company Travelbag journeyed back in time to reveal how long famous expeditions would take today. The results uncovered an astonishing 99.95% decrease in travel time since 1271. Travel time is predicted to decrease by 53.14% from 2017 to 2117.

The interactive ‘A Race of Discovery’ tool allows you to discover how the likes of Christopher Columbus and Amelia Earhart made their way across land and sea, and how their famous voyages translate into the transportation of today.

Take a look and begin your very own epic adventure today: https://www.travelbag.co.uk/a-race-of-discovery/

FREE Teaching Resource For Schools

Travelbag’s survey data shows that A Race of Discovery is ideal for Key Stages 2–4 as an assisted learning tool for History, English, Science and Geography.

Sarah Mills, Trainee Teacher “This tool will help teachers explain travel and exploration to young children in a way that sparks their imagination. It covers not only History and Geography, but Science and English too, so it fits in with the curriculum for Key Stages 2–4.

“Its interactive nature means that students can fully immerse themselves in famous expeditions and learn and have fun christopher columbussimultaneously.”

Sarah continues, “The comparative element of the tool makes it easy to digest the large numbers involved in the decrease in travel time over the years. It also showcases the impact of technological advancement in a way that children can take on board.”

Paul Hopkinson, Marketing Director at Travelbag is delighted to launch A Race of Discovery. “For those with a passion for travel or a love of history, A Race of Discovery is just the ticket. It’s inspiring to follow in the steps of these renowned explorers, learn more about their accomplishments and see how long their expeditions would take using modern-day travel methods.

Paul continues, “A Race of Discovery not only shows how far we’ve come, but also where we’re heading next. With pioneers like Elon Musk and Tim Peak, the universe is moving ever closer.”

Explorer Facts

·       Explorer Zheng He’s 28-year-long journey would only take 16 hours and 57 minutes today.

·       Hernan Cortes would complete his 6,203-mile journey 99.99% faster today. Originally 17 years, now only 13 hours and 15 minutes.

·       Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to the New World would only take 16 hours and 25 minutes today compared to 2 months and 9 days in 1492 – a 99.02% decrease in travel time.

·       Captain Cook’s voyage of discovery in 1768, which took 1 year and 8 months, would take 26 hours and 7 minutes using modern-day transportation. That’s a 99.82% reduction in travel time.

World-Famous Explorers

The full list of explorers included in the piece is below, with further exciting, futuristic names being added in the coming weeks.a race of discovery

·       Christopher Columbus

·       Amelia Earhart

·       Captain Cook

·       Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea

·       Roald Amundsen

·       Robyn Davidson

·       Nellie Bly

·       Hernan Cortes

·       Zheng He

·       Marco Polo

·       David Livingstone




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