Schools and colleges up and down the country continue to face pressure on standards, space, maintenance and budgets. Here at BiGDUG we’re proud to have been working with many of them over the last 10+ years to meet these and other challenges through innovative cost-effective storage solutions, many of which are in-stock for delivery next day (or a day of your choice).

Typically we work on the “behind the scenes” areas, on safely and securely storing less interesting, but essential items that keep schools and colleges running effectively, maximising pupil and staff space, time and budgets for learning.

We’re experts in storage solutions and work with our school and college customers in four key areas.

storageFirstly, we’re on hand for the stuff that’s just difficult and awkward to store – for example gym and sports equipment – the efficient storage of goal posts, footballs, nets, bollards and everything else to keep things safe, secure and free from damage when you don’t want them, but easily accecleaningssible when you do.

We also work with schools and colleges in their janitorial areas, so that cleaning and other maintenance products are safely and securely stashed in the smallest possible space – as we always say, there’s no point storing fresh air! Together with making sure that school or college maintenance staff have the best equipment possible to do their job well – be it workbenches, trucks, trollies or storage.


Thirdly, our shelving and archive storage boxes are also used by many educational customers for all their paperwork – keeping it well organised, clean, free of damp or other damage, safe and secure and easy to find when you do need it.


lookersFinally, we’re able to provide a range of lockers for kids, students, staff or visitors to ensure that all personal belongings are safely stowed, whilst also taking up the minimum amount of space that could otherwise be used for something more useful!


Our Key Accounts team work with our larger customers, including schools and colleges, to design innovative solutions for new and existing buildings, understanding the challenges and problems that they face and coming up with solutions that are cost effective, suitable quality, and space efficient.  If you’d like to know more call  01452 221445 or read more online at


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