Whilst you’re spending your hard - earned money on childcare during the holiday season, it’s great to feel assured that your child isn’t just spending hours being mindlessly entertained. It’s vital that their minds are being stimulated while having fun! 

Putting your children into a high - quality childcare environment can greatly help with their educational development and help them improve their habits in school. 

The team at Barracudas Camps explain just some of the ways your child is getting educated while spending their time at a childcare camp. 

Art and Development

Those finger painting projects and doodles that your children come home with at the end of the day aren’t just cute projects to keep them occupied. They’re vital to different aspects of their development-, especially for younger children. 

Creating art is a great exploration tool to exercise sensory activity. When childcare providers offer art activities, such as face painting, creative drawing sessions or mask masking, your child is developing their cognitive skills. While they’re using various paints, markers and pencils to create new things, children are forced to experiment with new ideas and problem solve. Even simple tasks such as mixing paint together help them to understand concepts such as cause and effect. 

In older children, exploration tasks which involve them creating art based on day -to–day objects are helping them to develop their observational skills. These sorts of skills are especially useful in subjects such as science.

Let’s not forget how art affects your child socially too! Usually, children are in a large group, creating all kinds of wonderful pieces. Whilst in these groups, they are interacting with others, having to share materials and work together. These interactions are key for positive social development- skills which they can then take with them to school and use to become confident learners!

Sport and Development

School age children can greatly benefit from sports that push them to challenge themselves.  Sports that are offered by a lot of childcare sessions are a brilliant way to enable them to grasp more complex social skills. It helps children to learn about structure and discipline.  

When childcare centres provide options for sport, they are helping children to improve their motor skills - specifically their hand-eye coordination. Lessons such as swimming, football and archery also aid large muscle development within children, a major motor skill that helps to increase balance and overall coordination. These skills not only aid child development, but can help your child in school activities such as physical education. 


Children love to experiment independently. Getting them involved in hands-on science activities is a great way to assist them in the development of their individual needs. 

An increasing amount of childcare settings are offering fun and stimulating scientific projects for kids to get stuck into. Barracudas, for instance, offers Lab Rats - full of fun experimental science, designed to help children with problem- solving skills while letting them have fun!

Through active experimentation, your child is inventing new ways to problem solve and invent! The rocket that they’ve learned to build while at childcare could help spark greatness in them that could lead to a very exciting scientific mind in the future! 

Your child is sure to gain a wealth of positive developmental skills at childcare camps like Barracudas, and get invaluable educational and social experiences to help them in their future!



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