A school in Kent has installed Agrippa fire door holders to protect teachers and pupils in the event of a fire. 

When the school’s existing sound activated door retainers were becoming damaged by pupils, the Weald of Kent Grammar School decided to replace all of the units with the Agrippa door holders.

Completely wire-free, the holders can be installed in just ten minutes and are supplied with two C cell batteries. The Agrippa holders are also fitted to the top of the door to prevent damage to the door and floor. Accepted by the UK fire brigade, the Agrippa fire door holders are the perfect solution to holding open fire doors, whilst ensuring they are closed automatically in the event of a fire. 

Mark Bacon, Facilities Manager said: “The Agrippa units have been a revelation for us and have reduced my team’s workload as we constantly had to reset the old units to stop them from beeping each morning. 

agrippa holder“The Agrippa units were easy to install and have been hassle-free. We usually install a batch at a time and once they have been setup with our fire alarm, we have no issues at all. We have a policy of checking the batteries every school holiday and have noticed that the batteries last a good 12 months if not more.

kids girl pencil drawing“We are so pleased we have made the decision to move to the Agrippa sound activatedsolution and now fit these to any new projects or builds.”

The Agrippa fire door holders are activated only by the sound of the building’s fire alarm, meaning false activations by loud noises such as pupils or vacuum cleaners are eliminated. Using ‘listen and learn’ technology, the sound of the alarm is recorded onto the device during set up. Manufactured in the UK by Geofire, the Agrippa holder is part of a suite of products including a fire door closer, which allows the door to be held open in any position. 

You can buy the Agrippa fire door holders online with free UK next day delivery at www.firedoorsafetyshop.co.uk



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