Great News - Flat Stan First Aid has now introduced 15,000 children to basic first aid around the UK in the last year – Amazing. 

Flat Stan workshops were developed by first aid trainer Simon Ferris when he noticed there was a gap in the market to introduce and teach essential life skills to 3 -11 year olds. These life skills are now being delivered in primary schools, pre-schools, after school clubs and more, nationally by our team of fully qualified and experienced trainers. 

The 60 -75 minute workshops provide children with the skills and knowledge to recognise a variety of first aid situations, how to deal with them and summon help.

Why is Flat Stan different?children at workshop

·         Specially designed manikins

·         Ideal for nursery/reception class through to Year 6

·         Flat Stan First Aid books

·         Teaches ‘Dial 999’, burns, choking, bandaging & more

·         Motivating, exciting & builds confidence


We manufacture specially designed Flat Stan manikins which allow younger children to be taught how to check for breathing, obtain a response and what to do if someone is choking. Children love doing "the pushing on the chest thing" on them.

Young children are capable of helping someone in an emergency situation if they are given the opportunity to learn and develop skills, which they can then use for the rest of their lives. As well as pre-schools & primary education, Flat Stan First Aid is working very well with Special Educational Needs too. 

Every child’s attendance is recognised by being presented with the Flat Stan First Aid guide for children, certificate and a Flat Stan sticker.

Early Years Flat Stan First Aid Education Pack

As we have found over the last year that even younger children can learn too! Some children as young as 2 years old have shown an interest in aspects of the Flat Stan workshops. Consequently we have designed a new education pack for early years settings. The subject satisfies the relevant KS1, KS2 and KS3 2 young children cprcriteria. 

We have created an education pack for nursery practitioners to gently introduce the children to Flat Stan First Aid through reading & roll play. The Flat Stan material is appealing to children and has been designed so they can relate to the various skills you are going to introduce them to. Every child is presented with a Flat Stan book, certificate and sticker. For more information -

‘In Safe Hands’ Award in Early Years Settings

The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) has been asked by stakeholders within the first aid Industry to create an award for childcare settings within the United Kingdom. Flat Stan First Aid is working in partnership with the FAIB and Cardiac Science to promote the award.

The “In Safe Hands Award” has been introduced for quality assurance and numbers of paediatric trained first aiders in childcare setting (nurseries, pre schools and childminding operatives).

The “In Safe Hands Award” is supported by Member of Parliament William Wragg  M.P. who said “there is a great deal of excellent work being done to promote the provision of first aid within the childcare environments. This award provides an alternative means of giving parents reassurance to know that if their child is taken ill that there are sufficient paediatric first aiders available to deal with the situation and consequently safeguard their children.

The department for education said “Genuine award schemes designed to ensure that more people in childcare settings have the paediatric first aid training they need so that they are able to deal with accidents and injuries for very young children are to be welcomed”.

To gain the award the childcare setting has to achieve a minimum of 35% of staff Trained in Paediatric First Aid (12 hours) and 35% of staff Trained in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (6 hours).

Ian Kershaw MBE, Managing Director of FAIB and ex-Head of First Aid for the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) said: “We are passionate about promoting the highest levels of first aid and training to as many people as possible to feel competent and confident in their role as a first aider”. “This is especially relevant within the pre-school childcare environment and we are delighted to have developed the “In Safe Hands Award”, recognising such excellent staff knowledge within Paediatric first aid, after being asked to do so from stakeholders within the First Aid Industry.”

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