With the summer holidays in full swing, it’s important to remember that now the first couple of weeks of fun are over, you could try to help your little one retain some of what they’ve learnt at nursery school during the remainder of the long summer break.


We asked Janna Geiregger, primary school teacher and nursery manager at Wiggles & Giggles Day Nursery, shares her successful tips to help keep your littles ones brains alert during the break.


Before we start, it’s really important to remember this learning is about having fun whilst you are out and about, not about sitting at the dining table doing book work.


1)At one with nature

Outside in nature gives us the opportunity to talk about so many things.  From the weather and seasons to counting ice cream flavours to counting pebbles on the beach.  @NationalTrust has some great country and coastal events over the summer.woodland


2)  Literary life

Off to the park? Take your favourite story book with you.  One of ours is Going on a Bear Hunt by the brilliant @MichaelRosenYes  Your child will love to pick a book for every outing.


3)  Cooking counts

All cooking and mealtime activities are great for using the maths learnt in school.  Laying cutlery? How many knives and forks are there?  Helping to measure ingredients for baking is fun also.  Having a picnic? If we have 6 people and 12 strawberries, how many will each person have to eat? @bbcGoodfood


4)  Local librarywiggles fingers

Reading challenges are run at most local libraries over the summer.  Visit your local library and your child could get a reward in return for reading books.  Well worth a visit.  @SolLibraries @LibraryOfBham


5) Trip time

Planning a cycling or walking route together, or working out the time you need to leave home to arrive at a certain time of day, reading names on a map, these activities all help to keep little ones minds active. @GoogleMaps


These are all fun activities which can help little ones keep learning alive in the holidays - it’s about having fun learning outside the classroom ,and most importantly, not a chore.


Janna is a primary school teacher and nursery manager at Wiggles and Giggles Day Nursery, a new state of the art nursery setting based in Birmingham Business Park. You can find out more on Twitter @WAGDayNursery or visit www.wigglesandgigglesdaynursery.co.uk


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