Buried deep beneath a mountain on the isle of Anglesey, North Wales lies an extraordinary mineral wealth.

Once the largest Copper mine in the world, its abundance resulted in the growth of mining, ship building and a chemical industry in this small corner of the island.

The town of Amlwch became Anglesey’s own “Copper Rush” town,  just as unruly as the wild west gold rush towns.

The Copper Kingdom tells the tale of the times and tribulations of the lives of our ancestors and of the transformation of a small fishing village into one of Wales’ most industrious towns of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Take the time to meander over the rugged colourful pathways of Parys Mountain, the place that became the Copper Kingdom of the 18th century. Imagine over 1500 people working away in all weathers both above and below ground, mining and filtering out the precious copper ore for a solitary penny a day.

Or alternatively, venture down to the harbour where you can experience the working life of the Copper Lady, Miner, Smelter, Mine Manager or an Assay Manager, in our award winning interactive “Copper Kingdom Centre”

Here too, you can visit the Sail Loft, a listed building with its sloping floor, a place for a small bite to eat and with further information about the ship building industry which grew up to service the needs of the copper mine.

Copper Kingdom is steeped with history and is a location that shouldn’t be missed, fun for all of the family so why not follow it’s twists and turns learn about our local history and have a great day out.

Unique lunar landscapes, opportunities to see pods of dolphins, history of the industrial revolution and the importance of copper during the period, connections with Nelson and HMS Victory, beautiful scenery, facilities on site i.e. café, toilets, access to a Cornish style harbour, fun for all ages. The only restrictions really is numbers, we can accommodate around 30 - 40 pupils at any one time. Prior bookings would obviously need to be made as would any decision of wanting a complete guide of the copper mine / above ground only.

The parent organisation to the Copper Kingdom is a Charity by guarantee and we fully support educational issues and schools.

Further information can be found on our website: www.copperkingdom.co.uk.


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