Central College Nottingham rolls out Hytera DMR System

Central College Nottingham has announced the successful roll-out of a Hytera DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) system across the whole college.

The system, which combines Hytera’s PD605 and PD665 hand portable radios, replaces an existing analogue system which had proved hard to maintain, and not as user friendly, with some black spots around the campuses poor transmission and call quality.

The college initially transitioned with a set of Hytera TC610 analogue radios, which were hugely appreciated by users around the college. They proved to be robust and easy to use, so it was a logical choice to upgrade to Digital Mobile Radio with a Hytera system.

Facilities Administration Manager Deborah Munt chose Authorised Hytera dealer Radio Links Communications of St Neots in Cambridgeshire, to implement the DMR system across the multiple campuses around Nottingham. Radio Links trained the Facilities team in the use of the new digital radio technology, and Deborah trained users across the college. 

radioDigital radio coverage tests proved successful across all campuses, including in a campus that had never had consistently good coverage. In fact, the coverage was so good, and the radios so well received, that Deborah no longer receives any queries from staff.

The radios are now being used by multiple teams across 7 different sites around Nottingham. With three call groups on each campus for Security, General use and emergency calls, Facilities managers are now able to communicate effectively on all sites at the touch of a button.

Staff working alone at night can use the Lone Worker and Man Down features on the radios, which alert security teams in the event of an incident or emergency, and the radios can integrate directly with CCTV, barriers and even speakers around the campus.

“The Hytera system has proved a business case,” commented Deborah. “We don’t have a huge budget to spend in education, but Hytera has taken out the inherent cost of the previous system and provided enormous benefits to the college. The radios are robust, easy to use, and we’re able to communicate at all times, in all locations.”


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