Andrew Fielder, CEO of Aspire Academy Trust, will be presenting at Bett Academies (NEC Birmingham) at 1:45 on Friday 17 March


The aim of Andrew Fielder’s presentation will be to ignite discussion about the shape of the new educational landscape. Despite recent debate in the press, the objective of academies and multi-academy trusts (MATs) remains: to create a world class Trust, providing children with an outstanding education for generations to come.


During his presentation, Fielder will remind us of the opportunities that this new educational landscape offers academies and MATs which include having a shared vision, identifying and removing barriers, learning from past mistakes, renewing and re-shaping governance and, of course, developing a multi-skilled workforce that is flexible, fast-moving, and looks beyond each individual school.


Some of the more controversial points that he will be discussing include the need to embed responsibility and accountability systems deep into every classroom and office, and the importance of identifying and then removing superfluous burdens from school staff to enable them to improve teaching and learning outcomes with pace and certainty.


Fielder will also stress the importance of growing a central services team that is focused wholly on delivering the Trust’s vision and will provide guests with advice on how to do this. Stepping outside the traditional school staff structure he will also explain how Trust growth enables the appointment of specialist staff including educational psychologists, grant officers and communication officers.


Each point that Fielder makes will be supported with his own advice and experience from his successful work at Aspire Academy Trust: its development, its progress, and its impact.  And he will be inviting comments from the audience which he expects for the more controversial points.


One initiative that he believes in is ‘hub working’ where groups of three to four academies support and monitor each other, share resources and develop joint improvement plans.


This idea of ‘hub working’ also leads to the creation of networks of professionals such as YR, Y3 or Y6 teacher networks for mixed age classes, working across the Trust.


His vision is for all schools to have teacher networks using IT to enable shared staff meetings, planning session, lessons, resources, moderation and social networking.


The most controversial point that Fielder will be making is that this infrastructure removes the need for governing bodies and headteachers.


To attend this free session please register at to reserve your seat as we expect it to be a busy session.


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