IQ Gates are the UK’s leaders in automated gate design, engineering and installation. With more than 20 years of experience in automated entrance gate installation and dedicated exemplary design, IQ Gates offer a service that is unparalleled to any other. We offer a wide selection of services to ensure that existing automated gates continue to work correctly and safely throughout their lifetime as well as one off repairs and safety health checks. IQ Gates are able to advise and create impressive and secure entrances to residential or commercial properties with incredible design and installation. We are happy to be affiliated with many gate safety advocates including Gate Safe, to ensure that all gate installations are well engineered, legal and safe.


Gate safety is very important and can reduce the risk of minor or severe injury to occupants or visitors. At IQ Gates we take the safety of our gate installations very seriously and proudly advertise our Gate Safe emblem. All of our automated entrance gates have a level of basic safety elements to ensure that they adhere to the latest safety legislation. Safety ‘upgrades’ or additional safety equipment can easily be integrated into your automated gate design as required.


All automated gates from IQ Gates are installed with a photocell sensor which detect when there is an obstacle in the path of a closing gate. If the infrared beam between the ‘receiver’ and ‘transmitter’ of the photocells are interrupted the gate will stop closing and immediately return to its open position. We can now integrate automatic gate control panels and motors to enable them to detect the exact position of the automated gate at any time, acting as an anti-crush device. If these sense an obstruction in the path of movement via resistance in the gate movement then the gate will automatically stop, move in the opposite direction and become fixed until a start command is given via the access controls.


Light curtains or sensor nets can be integrated into automated gates and act similar to photocell sensors. However, instead of relying on a single infrared beam being projected between a transmitter and receiver to detect an obstacle, a light curtain creates a full and invisible barrier over the gate opening to detect obstacles at any height of the gate opening.


The Best in Automated Gate Design and Installation


Safety edges can also be integrated into a bespoke gate design. If the edges of the closing gate are touched then the gate immediately stops closing and opens. This safety feature ensures that fingers or other body parts at any height of the gate, do not get crushed. Automatic lights that are connected to your automated gate control panel, can be integrated to light up on the gate opening. This can help you see any obstacles in the way of your gates or car when it is dark, lighting spaces your headlights may not reach.


The Best in Automated Gate Design and Installation


IQ Gates are able to provide a wide range of automated gates to suit all project requirements perfectly. This range includes metal framed timber, steel, timber and aluminium gates. Metal framed timber gates are the perfect choice for creating both contemporary and traditional designs as well as providing a secure entrance to the building. The timber used in this style of gate is available in a wide range of colours, finishes and design options allowing you to create something completely bespoke. The use of the steel provides maximum strength, ensuring you that the gate is completely secure.


The Best in Automated Gate Design and Installation



If a more natural finish is required then timber gates are ideal with a wide range of finishes available to create both contemporary and traditional designs. The solid structure of a timber gate provides the optimum privacy with matching pedestrian access gates available, making it the perfect choice for family homes and commercial properties.


Steel gates are the best choice for creating contemporary designs to provide a sharp minimalist architectural aesthetic with completely bespoke designs for a truly unique finish. These highly secure gate designs still offer a sense of space and vision through the gates. Aluminium gates can be a preferred choice for their lightweight structure, high durability and easy maintenance. Aluminium gates are very versatile and have maximum flexibility in design, and can be designed to look just like a traditional steel or timber gate.


The Best in Automated Gate Design and Installation


A range of automation is available with all IQ Gates designs, however the choice of automation will depend on the space available, if the ground is level and if there are any building regulations. If not a lot of space is available then a sliding gate would be the best option, if more space is available then a swing gate would be ideal and if the driveway is going to be used for both vehicles and pedestrians then a split gate would be ideal.


There are a number of ways to control the access of a gate. IQ Gates can offer a full range of access interfaces and designs to suit all automated gate types, buildings and building designs. These include key fob access, audio and video intercom access panels which can be used to determine who the visitors are before allowing them into the property. Smart and contemporary access intercoms are also available for a more modern design, perfect for a large range of building types with integrated keypad entry if required. A non-wired gsm phone entry is the best solution for buildings where extensive electrical wiring is not possible. IP Access Controls are also available to control the access to the building via a smart phone or tablet app anywhere via a Wi-Fi signal.


The Best in Automated Gate Design and Installation


IQ Gates are based in Amersham, Buckinghamshire with the largest gate showroom in the Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire area. Make an appointment to visit the showroom for inspiration, ideas and advice on how to create the perfect entrance gate for your building.


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