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The benefits of having canopies in schools


Opting to install a canopy in a school would bring with it a number of benefits. The children would be able to play and learn outside in an environment that would not be affected by the wind or the rain.  This makes it possible to spend time outdoors all year round but it also means that the children are protected from the sun during the summer as it blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

From a safety perspective, the children will know that they have to remain within the canopy and this makes life easier for teachers.

The following reasons will show exactly why canopies are a great addition to any school.

Improved learning

Having the ability to learn outdoors means that lessons can take a different approach. Children have more space and can take part in messier activities. They can exercise and also interact with their surroundings while exploring nature.

Protection from the sunschoolcanopy2_0.jpg

Spending time outside without a canopy means that the children and the teachers have to be aware of the sun and the damage it can cause. A canopy will offer protection from the sun which means children can spend more time outside during the summer months.

Increased space

A canopy will instantly offer more space and is a cheaper alternative to extending the building. The children can use the outside space any time of year and they won’t have to worry about furniture cluttering up their space.

Better play

The weather in the UK means that children spend a lot of time stuck indoors. Even if it is raining the children can still go outside and play and this offers them even more freedom.

Safer temperatures and less energy used

Having a canopy fitted over a window will provide shade and this will lower the temperature in the classroom. This will mean that air conditioning will not have to be used and this will reduce the energy used as well as lower costs. 

Extra storage

If you chose to add roller shutters to your canopy you can instantly create extra storage space that is secured. This is ideal for storing outdoor equipment which in turn will mean time saved as there is no longer a requirement to return the equipment indoors

Waterproof waiting areasschoolcanopy1_0_0.jpg

Often parents have to spend time waiting for their child in the rain but a canopy will offer them a place to wait in all weather. It also gives the children somewhere to stand while they wait for their transport giving providing safety.

Protected Walkways

Sometimes pupils and teachers have to move between buildings and this means that they can get wet. A walkway or canopy will stop all people within the school but it will also mean that pupils no longer have to run to get out of the rain which will mean that there are fewer accidents.

They look good

A canopy can really lift the way in which the school looks. Bespoke designs and a vast array of colours means that canopies can fit in with the colour of the school and the design of the building. 


Author Bio
Andy Swain is the Managing Director of SAS Shelters, who are a family run business with over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of school building products such as school canopies, sail shades and shelters.

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