Allexis Education unveiled by Cylo

Learning management system helps schools to go completely paperless

Cylo has launched its new learning management system Allexis Education while introducing the tablet-based platform into two South African primary schools.
Allexis Education empowers the whole school community to go entirely digital, allowing students, teachers and parents to collaborate towards making learning interactive and captivating. The system comprises customized tablets for students, which are loaded with pre-installed apps aimed at coordinating everything from timetables to exams, and homework to grading.
Students will have a comprehensive learning experience at their fingertips, including an reader app to access a library of digitized books, workbooks and textbooks, a homework app to show assignments and let them upload their work, and controlled networking apps to help them communicate with teachers and their peers. tablet
Meanwhile Allexis Education provides teachers with a quick and easy solution for communicating with students and parents. They can share resources and material with the class, set homework and deadlines, evaluate and grade work, and even get the class to sit exams in a secure environment via their devices. Important school administration tasks, such as the payment of fees and school dinners, can even be carried out electronically via the Alexis system.

Enzo Vailati, CEO at Cylo, commented: 
“Allexis Education is a real game-changer for schools. While many schools are adopting new mobile technology in their classrooms, until now there has never been a solution which takes the whole school ecosystem into account, digitally managing every aspect of school life. Our goal is to make life easier for students, parents, teachers and other school staff, and to help them cut through the complexities paper-based systems can cause.”
He continued: “The fully customizable, white label system adapts to the vastly differing needs of each individual school, and the broad range of pre-installed apps on the tablets are designed to enhance learning, improve communication and boost efficiency. We are delighted to be introducing Allexis Education to two schools in South Africa – Bella Vista School and Leap School – where we have also secured deals with two major publishers to provide them with books digitally. We look forward to rolling out the product in other institutions all over the world.”
To find out more about Cylo’s Allexis Education product please visit .

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