Wand Education is the new teaching platform that is launching at BETT in January. Developed for both primary and secondary schools, it is currently being trialled by West Exe and Cranbrook Schools in Exeter. 


Wand is an education tool that provides teachers with quick and efficient means to access or edit quality ready made lesson and worksheets. It is adaptable to any type of content and schools can, if they wish, upload their own schemes of learning and power them by Wand. 


Wand Education is working with a variety of content providers and when launched it will already have high quality content within it including a phonics, history and geography scheme of learning – the latter two linked to the AQA syllabus for GCSE.


Key features of Wand include:

Schools Wand Education Free Trial at Bett• Reuse, edit or create own lessons

Teachers can reuse and edit premium content, upload their own schemes of learning, search for activities created by other teachers or reliable authors and publishers, or create their own content using 20+ pre-built activity templates, all mapped on learning objectives.

• Project or deliver to student groups

Teachers can either project a lesson or send it to an entire class, or to a group of students, making it easy for teachers to differentiate instruction according to student ability.

• Engaging worksheets 

Wand Education provides teachers with a worksheet template that replicates the paper-based worksheet, while adding the benefits of the digital technology on top of it.

Schools Wand Education Free Trial at Bett• Get actionable data on student progress

67% of teachers complain on the quality of student progress reports1, with most tools providing either simplistic or data-heavy reports. Wand Education provides teachers with visual reports on student progress and actionable data that need to be addressed for students to improve their work. Teachers get live overview on student progress, with options to grade and annotate open-ended answers in a similar fashion to the paper-based activities. And they can download a printable report which includes both an aggregated set of analytics with student activity and areas that need to be improved, as well as the actual activities performed by the student, with answers, marking and teacher annotations.


Wand Education is launching at BETT and schools can sign up now to take advantage of a no obligation two week free trial to see how it can benefit them. Just go to https://wand.education





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