The CBI has commented on this year’s GCSE results in England.

Neil Carberry, CBI Managing Director of People and Skills, said: “ GCSE s are a key staging post in our school system, so congratulations are in order for young people getting their results today. Whatever the outcome, there are great options available for everyone to pursue in education or vocational training. 

“While exams are important, they are only part of the picture of our education system. Differentiating top performers – as these reforms intend – is helpful but we must not lose sight of what is needed for all pupils and schools to succeed. Support for high-quality teaching and leadership, especially in core subjects, is vital to help raise achievement for all.

On the new GCSE 1-9 grading system, Neil said: “With the arrival of new GCSE gradings in English and Maths, it’s important that businesses and schools are given the right support to adjust to the new system.

“Resources to demystify the gradings are helpful, particularly as employers begin to navigate these changes when recruiting. The most recent CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey showed levels of awareness and understanding across business about the new grading system are growing, but just over a third of firms were wholly unaware of the reforms in England.

gcse-resultsFind out more about the new grading system

On opportunities for young people, Neil said: “This is an exciting and, often, daunting moment for young people and there is a fantastic array of options available that act as a springboard to a good career, from technical and vocational qualifications to academic routes.

“Helping young people find the right route for them in a more complex world is why businesses feel so strongly about improving careers advice and support. There is a lot more support available from businesses today, but it is important that we work with Government and the Careers and Enterprise Company to spread that good practice across the country."




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