With more and more young people spending more and more time on tablets and smart phones, engagement and attentiveness in the classroom is an especially pressing issue for teachers making lesson plans. 

With their focus on collaboration, team working and communal learning, it’s worth considering the benefits of a work board in the classroom. Making a work board the centre of your learning environment can potentially lead to a more open and engaged classroom. 

1. Increasing student self-belief 

A classroom work board can play a role in building a student’s self belief, which is in itself a great way of promoting student engagement. A key part of building self-belief is teaching children that they can learn from failure, that failure is a natural part of the learning process, and that failure can be overcome. If you are using a classroom work board for a group exercise, then your chosen activity can help to promote the idea that everyone in the group succeeds and fails together; there is no stigma in getting things wrong in front of your peers. 

2. Building social capital and building a sense of belonging 

This is fundamentally an extension of the points outlined above, but using a work board as part of a learning exercise or classroom based activity can make students feel like active parts of a group, which in turn helps to foster a sense of belonging. This is important for students who may not feel necessarily confident about public speaking, or presenting to their peers. 

3. Interactive learning

Interactive learning is a key benefit of an Inflow work board, and can help to create a more enriching educational experience that keeps students thinking and enquiring. As well as presentations, it’s a great motivator to encourage brain-storming and collaboration, especially when tackling new or difficult subjects. 

4. Critical thinking 

Using a work board is a great way to engage students’ critical thinking, as they will be asked to deal with topics in way that goes beyond simply learning by rote. Students are encouraged to learn in an active way, rather than passively absorbing information. 

5. The Right Kind of Competition 

The use of a work board or Inflow board can help to engender healthy competition, without feeling like they are being compared to their peers. Rather than purely basing performance on grades and academic performance, the use of a work board related activity can help to create an atmosphere of healthy competition where students can benefit from recognition and reward then and there. 





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