5 Crucial Exam Revision tips

CEO Matthew Glotzbach of Quizlet, the world’s largest online learning platform, shares his top tips for exam revision:

• Spaced-out revision sessions

The way most of us do revision is actually pretty ineffective; all-nighters, re-reading notes, underlining. What is more effective is frequent self-quizzing, shorter spaced-out revision sessions, and presenting information to yourself in different ways throughout your study time. 

• Planning ahead

As hard as it is when you’re a busy student, planning ahead makes a big difference; if you can slot out a little time each day on the days leading up to an exam to study in different ways — try using a study app one day, review with friends the next, create a practice test on the third — you’ll be much better prepared for test day. 

• Don’t be afraid to use technologystudying

We just launched Quizlet Learn, which enables users to create their own “study sets” for any topic, and then indicate when they need to know the material by, enabling Quizlet Learn to generate an adaptive plan tailored to each user for free. This new feature will enable users to chart their progress, stay motivated with encouraging checkpoints, and stay on track with helpful study reminders. Everyone can study, but this feature aims to optimizes how you study.

• Use different formats

Research shows that doing revision in more than one format is more effective than studying in one consistent way throughout your preparation. If you studied with an online app one day, try studying in a group the next. By varying your methods, you'll make your brain remember information in different ways -- which can come in handy during test time.

• Don’t procrastinate

The toughest part of exam revision is getting started. Again, you can use an app like Quizlet Learn that will help you get started, but it is also crucial that you give yourself as much time as possible to study. Procrastinating will end up in more exam stress, and shorten your potential studying period. It’s a good idea to study in a group and motivate each other especially in the first week of revision.


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