Author Matthew Pigott has kindly provided a copy of his poignant, descriptive eco-tale Tantaya and Sunika: The Turtle and the Bottle – about a turtle whose best friend is a plastic bottle. A timely tale published when the world's scientists are desperately trying to collect and dispose of the huge swathes of plastic in our oceans, the book is well-written, emotive and a perfect reminder of the need to take care of the Earth and its endangered species.

Tantaya the sea turtle is longing for something, only she doesn’t know what it is. Driven by a primal urge she returns to the beach of her birth where her loneliness only grows. That is until a large green plastic bottle washes up in the surf. She calls him Sunika and together, led by Tantaya, they travel the ocean in search of excitement—and food. But just as they are getting to know one another, a violent roar upon the ocean's surface tears them apart. Dragged down to great depths where she is consumed by impregnable darkness, Tantaya is forced to confront her fears, the prospect of death, and the finality of extinction. The thing she thinks about most, however, is being reunited with her one true friend—Sunika, the plastic bottle.  Tantaya and Sunika front cover of turtle drawing


'With lyricism and flair, Tantaya and Sunika: The Turtle and the Bottle packs an emotional punch, transporting the reader to the warmth of the tropical ocean to tell a tale of love while at the same time, without any hint of didacticism, conveying a vitally important ecological message.'

'A touching tale about the essence of loneliness in the face of the ultimate loss—that of one’s own species.'

‘Tantaya and Sunika - The Turtle and the Bottle is full of action, adventure, and wholesome romance underscored by themes that should serve as a wake-up call for anyone who needs reminding of the deleterious impact human activity—in particular, plastic production—is having on the world's great oceans.'

'A stark reminder that commercial activities in one place all too often wreak havoc in another.'

'A delight, and a warning. Will resonate with people of all ages.'

'At once beguiling and frightening, Tantaya and Sunika is a tale that walks the tricky tightrope of being fun and entertaining while communicating deeper themes.'

'A book that highlights why conservation is the conversation we should all be having. Right now.'

'At a time in which the world’s once pristine oceans, and the creatures that populate it, face increasing threats from seaborne plastics and other contaminants, here is a story that not only entertains and delights but also informs and compels.'

'A book for which every man woman and child yet to be born will be eternally grateful. Poignant and pressing.'

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