Smarter Surfaces has made its mark at Milan Design Week 2017

Smarter Surfaces has made its mark at Milan Design Week 2017

Smarter Surfaces has made its mark at Milan Design Week 2017 and attracted the attention of one of Italy’s biggest publications.

Recently returned from exhibiting at Salone Del Mobile, one of the top furniture shows in the world, Smarter Surfaces stood out from the crowd and was spotted by and featured in top Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera.

Salone Del Mobile features thousands of innovative and exciting exhibitors but journalists at Corriere Della Sera singled out Smarter Surfaces products as standing out from the rest  commenting "Walls are usually dead. They become alive with Smarter Surfaces products.”


AMR Consult Lights Up Schools With FortisDay

AMR Consult Lights Up Schools With FortisDay

LED specialist FortisDay is the preferred supplier to AMR Consult, to ensure more schools can benefit from maximum energy savings and guarantee the most technologically advanced lighting for educational facilities.

UK-wide specialist services firm, AMR Consult works with clients offering a broad range of technical advice and project and programme management services.

With education being an important sector to help improve learning environments across the UK, AMR Consult sourced FortisDay, whose SmartiLumin range of recessed luminaires offers as close to natural daylight as possible, to ensure schools gain maximum benefit from upgrading to LED lighting.

The Best in Automated Gate Design and Installation

The Best in Automated Gate Design and Installation

IQ Gates are the UK’s leaders in automated gate design, engineering and installation. With more than 20 years of experience in automated entrance gate installation and dedicated exemplary design, IQ Gates offer a service that is unparalleled to any other. We offer a wide selection of services to ensure that existing automated gates continue to work correctly and safely throughout their lifetime as well as one off repairs and safety health checks. IQ Gates are able to advise and create impressive and secure entrances to residential or commercial properties with incredible design and installation. We are happy to be affiliated with many gate safety advocates including Gate Safe, to ensure that all gate installations are well engineered, legal and safe.


Leeds College of Music offers the only conservatoire-based BTEC courses in the UK

Leeds College of Music

A founding member of Conservatoires UK, a group of nine institutions dedicated to providing specialist education in performing arts, Leeds College of Music is the only one to provide BTEC courses in Music and Music Technology. 

BTEC students at Leeds College of Music join the conservatoire’s 1000-strong community of undergraduate and postgraduate musicians, and develop their skills across a broad range of genres. With two pathways available – Music (performance) or Music Technology – the BTEC curriculum allows students to focus on units that are appropriate to their own musical specialism, while exploring topics as varied as ensemble skills, composition, music theory and business.

British Kodály Academy

British Kodály Academy


When I took over as Headteacher the school was on a 3 year downward trend - something needed to change. I felt that Kodály musicianship was the tool to do it - a progressive programme that builds a variety of skills using singing games and rhymes that children really enjoy.

I provided training for the staff on the basis that we were going to do 10 minutes of daily music and employed a specialist musicianship teacher. The staff were worried as to how we were going to fit it in but we found that the 10 minutes we lost settling the children into school could be used in a very productive and enjoyable way, preparing the children to learn.

SEN Schools In Practice

SEN Schools In Practice, Keelman’s Way School is a special school that provides Early Years, Primary and Secondary Education for 125 pupils with severe, profound and complex learning difficulties


Every SEN (Special Education Needs) build is different, because every SEN school is different. That being said, the same base requirements that need considering for a SEN construction project apply to all. 

What considerations? Accessibility, the comfort of the pupils, the adaptability of a space and the materials used are all vital elements that need careful consideration for an establishment looking to invest in a SEN build. The trick is to address all these needs in a way that’s personal to you: from practicalities like your setting to emotional drivers like your school’s goals and values. 

With The Stable Company’s Complete Care package, we walk you through it all - the general essentials and your unique specifications - leaving nothing unconsidered. 

Light up your school with GE LED Tubes

Light up your school with GE LED Tubes


Since the introduction of light emitting diodes (LEDs), lighting in all applications has rapidly developed and improved. LED lamps use advanced technology allowing lighting solutions to last longer, be more efficient and durable and provide a comparable or higher quality light than other old lighting technologies such as halogen, incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFL) and more.

Schools, along with companies in all sectors are looking to reduce their energy usage and meet energy targets; replacing old lighting solutions with LEDs is a simple, effective and immediate way of achieving this. Switching to LED lighting solutions saves on average 70% on energy savings which in turn reduces operating costs.

 Gratnells PowerTrolley/PowerTray Case Study

“We loved it and we don’t want to give it back.”


New Gratnells PowerTrolley makes big impression in product trial


The latest product releases from Gratnells, the PowerTrolley and PowerTray, have recently been placed into a local school for a 6-week placement trial.  The PowerTrolley and 3x PowerTray combination came through the demanding 6-week trial and passed with flying colours.


The equipment was supplied to Purford Green Primary School in Harlow, Essex, identified by Gratnells as a school with a reputation for excellence and local to the company’s manufacturing and marketing HQ.


Providing schools with all they need to encourage the artists of the future

Providing schools with all they need to encourage the artists of the future

Investing in the next generation of creative minds is a key element in the role of an education provider, and one that art, craft and graphic supplier Art in Education is ideally suited to assist with. Born as a response to a gap in the market for high quality, wide ranging and affordable art materials for schools, colleges and universities, Art in Education supplies hundreds of educational establishments with a range of over 20,000 quality art materials and bespoke items.

What makes Art in Education stand out from the crowd are the competitively priced class packs, including everything for a classroom full of students eager to explore the world of art and creativity- pencils, pastels, watercolours, pens, pencils and brushes - all in a handy storage case.

Creating instant understanding without words

“If only I’d known they were having a bad morning ….”

How many people have thought this when trying to provide the support a student needs?

The trouble with having a tough day or feeling fragile is that at the time you most need understanding and support you often feel least able to communicate about it -  whatever the cause. Anxiety, autism, speech or language difficulties, pain and fatigue can all play a part in this, although the range of conditions that this is applicable to is almost limitless.

New low cost temperature testing fights food bacteria



Why spend money on different colour coded thermometers to fight bacterial cross contamination when there’s a more hygienic and affordable way to keep food safe?  

This is the question posed by British thermometer manufacturers TME, who have developed a more hygienic, low cost method of preventing cross-contamination which is being demonstrated on their Stand H288 at Birmingham NEC’s Foodex 2016 (18th-20th April). TME’s NEW CA2005 Temperature Range features a single high performance thermometer combined with interchangeable colour coded food probes, sufficiently waterproof to clean in a ware washer.

Colour coded food safety

EZR aim to provide the most complete storage solutions

EZR Shelving are a leading storage equipment manufacturer, providing high quality products to schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK.

Alongside EZR's core product range of shelving and racking there are a wide variety of products designed specifically for the educational market including: school lockers, cupboards, plastic boxes and even laptop charging units.

A popular choice for the school environment are solid grade laminate door lockers, these are often specified as a cost-effective upgrade to standard lockers that are designed to stand the test of time of everyday school use. Both internal and external locker solutions can be provided in a wide range of colour schemes.

Improve productivity with a Reliable Internet Service

Improve productivity with a Reliable Internet Service


Dedicated fibre ensures there are no drop outs in speed throughout the day. The Venus Fibre Network provides high speed leased line communication to businesses and educational academies throughout London and the UK. Our services start with London’s lowest cost Fibre Internet Leased Line.

Added value services include offsite backup (provided free with selected fibre leased lines), resilient backup services, hosted VOIP, AWS Amazon Direct Connect, private VLANs and Ethernet Private Networks.