Recycle-Trux are delivering the Prizes


2016 saw the futuristic Recycle.Bots roll in to Schools throughout the county, and following on from the fantastic feedback that was received, Waste Management experts Mick George Ltd, has now expanded the animation themed initiative to incorporate Recycle-Trux.

As part of its drive to educate children on recycling, the local business with the help of its ingenious Recycle-Trux automobiles, are giving school children in Cambridgeshire the chance to win £1,000 for their school or the opportunity to earn themselves an Ipad mini. 

How technology is transforming education

 technology in the classroom

Education has always benefitted from technological advances. From the invention of the abacus to modern day tablets and PCs, children are learning with more opportunities than ever before. Join GPS installations, specialists in everything ‘Audio Visual’ ranging from public address system installations, to impressive Video Wall Displays, as they discuss the history of education technology. 

Early classroom inventions started with chalkboards – a surface that could be wiped and then rewritten on to present to an entire class. Students also used personal slates, which gave them the ability to solve questions and present them visually to the teacher.

FutureLearn announces first US university partners

FutureLearn website

Five leading institutions welcomed to the FutureLearn international portfolio of partners

FutureLearn, the leading social learning platform owned by the Open University, has announced partnerships with five key education institutions in the US.  American University, Colorado State University, Penn State University, Purdue University and UVA Darden School of Business have all selected to work with FutureLearn and will run courses throughout 2017.

Ready, Steady, Sow & Grow

innocent drinks to reach ¼ UK primary schools with food education campaign

Innocent drinks and not-for-profit organisation Grow It Yourself have teamed up with parenting blogger and chef, Emily Leary for this year’s Sow & Grow campaign. Setting out to get ¼ of all UK primary school kids out in the fresh air, the campaign encourages kids to stick their hands in some dirt, and have some fun growing their own veg.  

Engineering apprenticeship puts Rhys on a roll at tissue manufacturer SCA

Engineering apprenticeship

A talented young apprentice has landed his dream job at one of the world’s leading hygiene product manufacturers after the firm developed a special training programme with a Tyneside college. 

Rhys Smith, who is 18 from West Denton, has embarked on a technical apprenticeship at SCA Hygiene after completing a pre-apprenticeship scheme at Gateshead College.

Military training provider launches ‘inspiring’ new campaign

Military training

New #BEINSPIRED video sheds light on life at the Military Preparation College

A Government-funded training provider that helps young people to build self-confidence, life skills and physical fitness through military principles has launched a new recruitment campaign with inspiration at its heart.

#BEINSPIRED is the focus of a new promotional campaign from the Military Preparation College (MPCT), which supports the personal and professional development of teenage learners.

David Gandy launches school reading campaign

David Gandy with pupil

Supermodel and entrepreneur David Gandy is launching one of the country’s biggest school reading competitions in a bid to help improve children’s literacy levels across the country.

Ten Million Minutes, run by education charity Achievement for All, aims to get children reading at every primary school in England during the challenge which takes place over one week; 9th – 15th March 2017.

David Gandy is encouraging schools to take part in the competition, which challenges their pupils to read for as many minutes as they can in one week. The school which reads for the highest number of minutes by the end of the week has the chance to win a brand new library or reading area for their school worth £10,000 courtesy of Peters.

iF Design Award 2017 goes to Musicon!

A revolutionary musical instrument for children invented in Poland has won the most prestigious design award. iF Design Award 2017 goes to Musicon! 

- We are extremely happy to receive this award. What is incredible is that the award night is right after the launching our Kickstarter campaign. The campaign launch date is March 1st and it will help us to receive enough funding to begin production of Musicons – explains Kamil Laszuk, designer of Musicon.

14+ Appenticeship Academy students raise over £1,000 for charity

A couple of aspirational students from Leeds City College’s 14+ Apprenticeship Academy organised a successful charity event last week, raising over £1,000 for Nephrotic Syndrome Trust (NeST).

Bethany Denison, who suffers from Nephrotic Syndrome (NS), and Elliot Carroll led on creating and organising the event that took place at Park Lane Campus, as part of a Year 11 Citizenship project.

Visionary educator develops pastoral care evidence and improvement tool

Bag your school a complimentary 14-day trial of Pastoral Auditor during February!


The brain child of a visionary deputy headteacher from Telford, Pastoral Auditor is the industry’s first secure online pastoral effectiveness tool for secondary schools & academies.

Developed by safeguarding specialist SSS Learning, Pastoral Auditor enables educators to deliver detailed evidence of different year and gender groups’ knowledge and understanding in PSHE, Citizenship, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development and Personal Development and Welfare to improve strategy planning. 

Gate Safety Week 2017:

school gates

In 2012, DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) created ‘Gate Safety Week’, a campaign aimed at creating awareness about the installation and maintenance of automated gates.  Its objectives?  To educate both the public and industry professionals on the dangers of poor installation and maintenance, as well as how to spot an unsafe gate and how to report it.

The campaign has grown progressively over the years and we are delighted that organisations such as NSI, HSE, The British Safety Council and Gate Safe, have backed our on-going drive for best practice and higher standards across the industry.  

Brass for Beginners

Brass for Beginners

Brass for Beginners, an American venture which introduces children to brass instruments through the use of natural trumpets, is to launch its products into the UK. Brass for Beginners is the first brass programme geared specifically for the primary school classroom. It is a ‘learn by ear’ method utilizing a cross-disciplinary curriculum and a natural trumpet designed for school-age children. 

The story-driven approach, tracing the development and significance of lip-blown instruments throughout human history, engages young learners and helps to place emphasis on musical outcomes while students develop the skills necessary for success in playing modern brass instruments. 

What could state primary schools learn from/implement from the Steiner approach?

Steiner schools ( are always co-educational, fully comprehensive and take pupils from 3 to ideally 18. They welcome children of all abilities from all faiths and backgrounds.

The priority of the Steiner ethos is to provide an unhurried and creative learning environment where children can find the joy in learning and experience the richness of childhood rather than early specialisation or academic hot-housing. 

They stand out from state primary schools in a variety of ways – the following five points are perhaps the key differentials:

1. An unhurried approach to learning