University Regrets - One in four graduates now regret having gone to university

university graduates

One in four graduates now regret having gone to university, according to research.

A survey found the most common reasons to rue time spent in further education are paying too much for their degree, wasting their time and making bad choices such as not choosing subject or institution more carefully. The study of 2,000 university graduates also revealed nearly half work in a job where they could have reached the same level through a trainee or apprenticeship scheme.

And although an overwhelming 93 per cent said they enjoyed their experience of freedom away from their parents, nearly half agree their current job is in no way related to their degree.

How teachers can use mobile apps to engage students

By Paul Swaddle, Co-founder and Chairman of Pocket App

As youngster’s up and down the country prepare for school this September, education technology continues to be an extremely hot topic and mobile apps are proving to be a perfect solution for teachers hoping to enhance their classroom experience. Mobile apps can not only help teachers, but also students and their parents. Here are five ways teachers can use apps to engage their students.


1. Improve in-classroom communication

Ryman test the nation

girl in school uniform, glasses with a cup board smiling

Well it's that time of year again, when you no longer need to find childminders etc because you have to send the kids reluctantly back to school. 


But why are they complaining? Surely school isn't half as difficult as going to work or completing a list of daily chores? You may have even thrown about the line "what I would do to be back at school". 


Well, Ryman sent the nation back to school and the results are in.


Promoting children’s physical development

physical development

Promoting children’s physical development, wellbeing and attainment with Psychomotor Prevention 


Mental health and wellbeing is currently a popular topic in the news. The demand for wellbeing interventions in schools to prevent mental health problems is omnipresent. This is due to overwhelming number of pupils, displaying difficulties regulating emotions. According to the Department for Education: “One in ten children and young people aged 5 to 16 has a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder and around one in seven has less severe problems. (Mental health and behaviour in schools. Departmental Advice for school staff. March 2016).

YouGov Poll: just 8% of students are advised to seek apprenticeships

students apprenticeships

Less than 1 in 12 students (8 per cent) aged 15 to 18 in school or college in 2016/2017 are being advised to seek a work-based apprenticeship afterwards, according to new YouGov survey findings commissioned by the ECA, JTL, and the Joint Industry Board.

In contrast, some 85 per cent of students are instead encouraged to go into further or higher education, such as university study, after finishing at school or college. Just 3 per cent were advised to seek a job.

Streamlining the Business of Running Schools

Lawrence Royston

It is one thing to effectively manage relationships with your pupils’ parents, but dealing with all the administration that results from effective engagement is a time-consuming task. However, edtech is here to help! Research commissioned by education communication experts, Groupcall, has found that schools that make use of systems like parental payment or homework systems have a much higher satisfaction rating among parents. Lawrence Royston, managing director of Groupcall draws attention to the shortfalls of manually processing paperwork, payments and bookings and shows how dedicated software can make things easier for everyone involved.

The Key Safe Company unlocks support for education industry

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The Key Safe Company, the market leader of mechanical security access products, is revolutionising the way in which people can access schools and education facilities safely and securely.

Its leading Supra C500 Key Safe™ can hold up to five keys and is regularly used by caretakers and maintenance staff to gain access to a facility. The Supra C500 is a locked metal box, which provides a secure method of externally storing keys to the exterior of a property.

The product allows caretakers to gain access to a property without having the hassle of permanently carrying the keys or relying on a key holder, giving staff flexibility and security of knowing their keys will be stored safely.

Sharnbrook Upper School repeats exam success with top GCSE grades well above national average

GCSE results

GCSE results are the school’s last before it becomes the 11-18 Sharnbrook Academy next term.

Students at high-performing Sharnbrook Upper School in Bedfordshire are celebrating achieving outstanding GCSE s – beating the 2016 results despite this being the first year of the new tougher exams.

Overall more than three-quarters of students (78%) achieved a Grade 4 or better in English and maths, with a 4 the new grade set by the Government as a pass. This is up on the equivalent proportion last year, when the old Grade C was still in place. It is also well above this year’s national average of 66%.

St Andrew’s students celebrate impressive GCSE results

Today, many students at St Andrews Church of England School in Croydon celebrated strong GCSE results.
This year’s results saw a good number of students getting level 4’s in Maths and English.*  There has been a pleasing number of A and A* grades (level 7/8 and 9) across a large number of subjects including Maths, English, ICT and Biology. Students studying science have also made steady progress in their A-C grades with 83 per cent studying biology achieving a C or above. Modern Foreign Languages has continued to perform well, particularly in French.   

Alternative routes to college and university which are becoming increasingly popular

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With GCSE results day having finally arrived, many students may still be unsure as to whether college, possibly followed by university, is a path to their future career they really want to follow. Something that is becoming more and more appealing to students at this crucial stage is the alternative - but equally beneficial - apprenticeship or traineeship option.

Both of these alternative options cover a wide range of careers, and are particularly useful if the person already has an idea of the career they'd like to pursue, as they allow someone to become more skilled and specialised in that particular job.

Introduction to Apprenticeships/Traineeships

Red Monkey backs Government plans to increase Primary PE and Sports Premium

Simon Winfield

The Department for Education has recently confirmed that the Primary PE & Sport Premium will double. From September 2017, schools across the country will benefit from a significant amount of extra funding.


For a company like Red Monkey, who work in the interest of young people’s education, the Secretary of State’s announcement came as a relief. The learning 

development specialists design, manufacture and install outdoor play equipment for schools and nurseries. They're hoping that they may choose to use the funding for investing in such equipment to keep children active.


Simon Winfield is the Managing Director at Red Monkey:


High Court finds OFSTED ’s complaints procedure “unfair”

Polly Kerr, Senior Associate at Cambridge-based law firm Tees, takes a look at the latest developments with OFSTED 's complaints processes.

The thought of OFSTED pulling into the school car park on a cold winter’s morning is enough to send shivers down the spines of even the calmest teachers, at the most well-performing schools. Preparation for an impending OFSTED inspection is arduous at best and anything less than a fair and rational inspection and subsequent outcome is unthinkable.