School plays



We have been selling quality school plays to English speaking schools around the world for 15 years. Since Playstage Junior started in 2002, our plays have been performed by English-speaking primary schools and youth groups in 43 countries! And we are always reaching new markets! In 2016, for example, as well as attracting many, many customers from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, we sold plays to schools in Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Tibet, The Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Guatemala, Malta, Gibraltar, Spain, India, China, Russia, Botswana, Nigeria and Hong Kong.

8 families selected for national sugar health challenge

Fitzgerald family

8 families have been chosen from almost 200 applicants to pioneer ways to reduce their sugar intake.The goal is to help parents across the UK with tips for their children.


Eight families with 16 children between them, aged from 1 to 10 years old, have been chosen out of almost 200 families to take part in a national Sugar Smart 12 week challenge.

Each week, from early March, the family will receive a simple and fun challenge that they will be taking on with gusto. The aim is to raise the family’s understanding of how much sugar they are eating and how to find ways to reduce it.

Troves Solutions for Education

In the ever-changing world of education, Trovex provides robust and durable products to meet the high demands education environments ask for.

As one of the UK's leading education solution companies, Trovex has developed unrivalled excellence in the education sector providing top performance Washroom & Cubicle Systems, Wall Cladding, Doorset Systems and Protection Materials by pioneering innovation, design and quality.

The large assortment of colour options available makes the design stage of your project enjoyable and fun "Trovex were very helpful and easy to work with as our ideas evolved during the design stage of the project", said Simon Harvey - Focus Washrooms.

Is your classroom technology safe from damage & theft?

lock and charge

Whilst classroom technology continues to transform the learning environment and empower students with the tools that they need to succeed, it also puts schools under additional pressure, due to the financial investment that is involved. As the use of devices increases in our classrooms, so does the risk of damage and theft, so what can schools do to ensure the technology they are investing thousands of pounds in is secure? James Symons, CEO, LocknCharge offers some advice.  

Eurobrick’s solution to space shortages for schools


The pressures on schools to increase the number of available pupil places has been widely reported in recent years. The predicted shortfall of some 750,000 places presents major challenges to local authorities, headteachers, architects and contractors. How do you rapidly increase the size of a school with an ever decreasing budget? To say creative, reliable solutions are essential is an understatement.

Fusion21 Launches Education Modular Buildings Framework Worth Up To £225 Million

Education Modular Buildings

Fusion21 has announced the launch of its Education Modular Buildings Framework, offering a potential combined worth of £225 million over a four year period.

Designed specifically to help the education sector provide cost effective and sustainable learning environments, the new framework has four lots including: Lot 1: Hire of Modular Buildings – Temporary Accommodation; Lot 2: Modular Construction with a value of up to £750K; Lot 3: Modular Construction with a value between £750K and £3 million; and Lot 4: Modular Construction worth £3 million and over. 

PKL launches Garbage Guzzler to help schools save money by reducing organic waste

Garbage Guzzler

PKL, the UK’s leading modular kitchen infrastructure provider, is taking on the distribution of the Garbage Guzzler, a revolutionary waste digester that allows any school to reduce its costs and waste disposal needs. 

The Garbage Guzzler, which is manufactured in the UK, uses bacteria to reduce organic waste, including food, cardboard, paper packaging, coffee cups, fats and oils, by 95 percent. 

The process can take as little as 24 hours, and leaves an output that can be used as soil improver, biomass fuel or can be put back through the machine to be reduced to virtually nothing. 

Carshalton school wins eco-schools energy competition

eco-schools logo

A Sutton academy is delighted after being named as the Autumn Term winner of the Eco-Schools Energy Efficient Schools Competition.

As winners, Carshalton High School for Girls are set to have a £2,500 energy efficiency upgrade from competition sponsors, UK Energy Partners.

This national competition is open to all schools who are members of Eco-Schools England, part of environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, where more than 17,000 schools are registered and 1,200 schools currently hold the top award of Eco-Schools Green Flag status.

5 Things You'll Learn from an Apprentice Without Even Knowing It


Daniel Goddard, of Stadia Sports, shares his insights on why businesses should take on an apprentice, and looks at what businesses can learn from the experience.

With more and more businesses in the UK taking on apprentices in their workplace, it’s a growing trend to be considered. Not only do apprentices promote an industry of progression and evolution, over 81% of consumers favour a company that takes on apprentices over those who refuse to. Hiring an apprentice can help your customers to trust you, they can be a financial asset to your business, and they might just make your industry that little bit better – without you even realising it. 

How your company actually works

Having kids makes Brits more environmentally responsible

• Brits with children are 9% more likely to recycle cans than those without

• Almost a third (29%) of parents strongly agree that being a parent has made them more concerned about the environment

• 1 in 5 get their kids involved in home composting

Becoming a parent has a direct impact on how environmentally friendly your actions are, new research has revealed.

The survey, conducted on behalf of Energy, found that parents are 5% more likely to recycle than adults without children are. This equates to 270,000 tonnes* of recyclable materials being saved from landfills by families each year.

Moffat’s More Versatile Versicarte

Moffat’s New Eye-Catching Pop-up Versicartes are ideal for School Meal Specials

Moffat is expanding its popular Versicarte mobile counter range for schools, with the launch of the new Pop-up models.

The new Pop-up Versicartes offer school caterers increased versatility. They are an ideal way of serving special menu items away from the main servery area, reducing bottlenecks. Designed for maximum visual impact, the units house eye-catching magnetic graphics to promote the latest menu offering. The signs can be easily removed and swapped to promote specials, such as themed lunches or new summer menus.