Active IQ prepares for first day at school with the launch of GCSE-equivalent tech award

Active IQ

Active IQ has teamed up with education specialist Sports Leaders UK to create the Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Health, Wellbeing and Physical Activity Leadership Tech Award for students aged 14+.  Launched at the Telegraph Festival of Education on June 22, 2017, this Key Stage 4 Tech Award is equivalent to one GCSE and is the first Technical Award qualification created by Active IQ designed to be studied at school.  Pilots will run from September 2017 before the programme rolls out nationally from September 2018.

How and why do we need to encourage girls to get into the engineering sector?


The proportion of young women studying engineering and physics has remained almost static since 2012 and the number of women working in engineering has remained under 10% of the total engineering workforce since 2005.

In fact, the gender balance within this profession is one of the worst in Europe. According to WES, the Women’s Engineering Society, only 9% of the engineering workforce is female and only 6% of registered engineers and technicians are women.

Why do we need to encourage girls to get into this sector?

Period taboos holding girls back from participating in sports at school


New research from betty for schools shows high numbers of young women skip sports and exercise for fear of others knowing they are menstruating

●     46% of women admit to using periods as an excuse to get out of PE lessons

●     The top reasons girls skip PE lessons are fear of leaking (39%), and fear of pads being visible to others or slipping around during exercise (24%)

●     Over two thirds (68%) of women said that if girls were better educated about periods and how they affect their bodies, they wouldn’t be so reluctant to take part in PE

Talented Padworth college student will have poem published in 'bust a rhyme' competition

Reading, 22nd June 2017 – A talented student from independent boarding school, Padworth College, will have his poem ‘Last Night’ published amongst the poems of 100 other students nationally as part of the Young Writer’s ‘Bust a Rhyme’ Competition.

Somriddho Dasputa, an A-level student at Padworth College studying English, Government and Politics, and Psychology received a certificate from the Young Writers’ Bust a Rhyme competition for his outstanding contribution. Somriddho, who is originally from India, was inspired to write his poem after experiencing homesickness after moving across the world to study at Padworth College. Ltd is now an official supplier of Master Lock products in the UK


Master Lock is recognised around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products. We now offer a fast turnaround for a number of Master Lock products – all available to view at We have especially added some combination padlocks to our Padlock section as these are ideal Locker Padlocks for Latchlocks. There are also a number of padlocks that work with an override key, thus making it ideal for site managers as it allows access to all the padlocks.

Schools ‘go bananas’ over shipping


Schools have ‘gone bananas’ over a new educational campaign, promoting the UK’s reliance on ships

for food and everyday objects.

Children in over 80 schools around the UK, from the Isle of Skye to Devon are taking part, and are

being encouraged to think about where every day items in their classroom and homes come from,

and also how they got there.

Highlighting the importance of shipping, KS1 pupils, through this specific campaign, learnt about the

journey of the banana, and how it gets from the tree into their lunchbox through a fun infographic

and activity sheet.

Shakespeare’s Globe launches apprenticeships and expanded access programme


Thursday 22 June

Shakespeare’s Globe celebrates its 20th anniversary with renewed commitment to equal opportunity and access, launching four year-long apprenticeships from September that will enable 16 to 19 year olds, from diverse backgrounds, to work at Shakespeare’s Globe. Significant investment is also announced to provide unparalleled welcome and ease of access for all its audiences and visitors.


Fire, water and air – staying safe and compliant in schools

There are a number of areas in which property maintenance is a legal requirement, as well as best practice in health and safety.  Keeping your air and water clear and guarding against fire risks are just some of the areas in which you must be compliant, as Gary Nicholls, Managing Director of Swiftclean Building Services, explains.  


The Bank of Mum and Dad - Should They Help Pay Off a Student Loan?


In this post, Riverfall Financial look at the finances behind paying off a student loan, and discuss whether parents should help pay off a student loan. 

Graduates starting work now on average earnings will never have the opportunity of a final salary pension scheme (unless they work in the public sector), will have to save for many years for their first property deposit whilst at the same time paying an additional tax of 9% of everything they earn in excess of £21,000 in a 30-year project to repay their student financing.

Research report calls for greater collaboration between home and school to maximise the development of critical thinking in children

children at school

New study finds discussing global and political events with children can benefit their critical thinking skills and resilience

A new research report, launched today by child development expert Dr Jacqueline Harding, has found that encouraging child curiosity in real world events can support the development of critical thinking skills, improve resilience and enhance cognitive growth.


Solution to prevent theft of your valuable I.T. equipment

 I.T. equipment

I.T. Security comes in two forms. We are all aware of the cyber-attack that took down parts of the NHS and other organisations in the UK and we can buy software solutions to protect ourselves. That is one form of security. 

The second form of security is physical products designed to protect your valuable I.T. equipment from being stolen. This aspect of security is boring and does not attract the same level of media coverage, due to equipment theft being generally localised. However, for schools and colleges who invest their ever increasingly pressured finances into provision of I.T. equipment to deliver high quality learning to their students, losing it to theft can be both heart-breaking and hugely disruptive.

Calling all budding historians in Years 8 and 9

historians in Years 8 and 9

The UCL Institute of Education and school tour operator, Equity, who collectively run the First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme, are inviting all state secondary schools in Kent, Central England and the Midlands, South-East London, East London and Essex, North London, Eastern England and North-West England, to participate in a First World War History Regional Competition, as part of the commemoration of the Battle of Passchendaele centenary. 


Every school in the listed regions are eligible to enter one team of four students from Years 8 and/or 9 led by their teacher, regardless of their schools’ previous participation on a free government funded battlefields tour. 

The Education System and Its Role in Supporting Children Post-divorce

parent and child

A divorce is a traumatic and highly emotional experience for the two parties involved. There is much to think about for the couple going through divorce proceedings. 

But when it comes to children who are also on the journey through divorce with their parents, it is imperative that they have a solid and dependable support network to help at this difficult time, and this includes a strong network at their school. 

With this in mind, we look at the role of the educational system in supporting children during divorce proceedings. 

Informing the Right People

Do our schools pass the cleanliness test?

schools cleanliness test

To anyone working in a school, whatever your job might entail, look around and take note of the cleanliness of the facility. Is the school a gleaming bastion of educational excellence, or is it tainted by mould, vermin and dust? Is it a school that will make parents want to send their children there?

The cleanliness of our schools is frequently called into question by parents, with many preferring to prepare packed lunches for their children so that they won’t eat at the school’s cafeteria. This isn’t strictly about ensuring proper nutrition, either; sometimes they just don’t trust the cleanliness of the cafeteria.

Prestige & Homeseeker launches an Apprentice Academy

Prestige & Homeseeker

Recruitment for 15 apprentices across Rushden and Kettering.

Prestige and Homeseeker Park and Leisure Homes based in Rushden Northants have an exciting opportunity for the next generation of talent.  The launch of the apprenticeship academy is an exciting opportunity for talented individuals to learn all aspects of the production line and will achieve a high standard of craftmanship. Learning all 4 elements of the trade (carpentry, decorating, plumbing and electrics) while obtaining qualifications.  An innovative new scheme from Prestige & Homeseeker which will recruit 15 apprentices across two manufacturing sites Rushden & Kettering.