Safer Internet Day 2016: safeguarding students in schools

Safer Internet Day 2016


By Sam Pemberton, CEO, Impero Software. The internet’s an important resource for schools, but it’s not without its risks. Unfortunately, just as technology has helped redefine learning, it has also changed bullying, criminality, and exploitation. 83% of 8-11 year olds and 93% of 12-15 year olds believe they know how to stay safe online. But when you haven’t encountered a sexual predator or an ISIL recruiter, that’s very easy to say. Besides which, it’s not the duty of children to protect themselves: it’s the responsibility of the adults around them. Teachers are part of this group.




A strong musical education should not be exclusive to the privileged few, argues Richard West, director of music at Loughborough Endowed Schools. Here, Richard explains why emphasis on subjects such as music should be encouraged as they can have wider benefits to other subjects, as well as the individual’s own personal development.

Recently, Loughborough Endowed Schools became the first in the Midlands to receive All-Steinway School status. With the arrival of 23 beautiful pianos on which our pupils can learn, practise and perform, it has been a significant upgrade to our musical facilities and is a status that we are incredibly proud of.

Unlocking the Potential of Student Presentations

By Motti Nisani, presentation expert and CEO of emaze

For many teachers, student presentations have always been a bit of a sore spot. While they empower student learning and sharpen oral presentation skills, they can also be dull and monotonous, often generating apathy among students. However, student learning does not need to be that way. Giving students the privilege to present to their peers can actually be rewarding for both the audience and speaker alike.

Forward thinking: formative assessment throughout the year

Being able to monitor progression throughout pupils’ academic career is essential in ensuring that all gaps in learning are addressed, but I’ve often been asked ‘how can schools achieve this without being overwhelmed by tests?’

Assessment is an integral part of school life. Regular, reliable assessments are crucial in developing a clear picture of pupil development and individual needs. Summative and end-of-year testing is perfect for measuring a pupil’s trajectory from the beginning of the year to the close of summer term. On the other hand, ‘light-touch’ formative assessments can complement these formal tests, identifying any weaknesses to be addressed during the year.

ThoughtBox Education; “Think, Feel and Unlearn”

Teaching Tanzia

Challenging educational norms from the inside out.

When I was an English teacher, I rarely had time to read a book. Actually, that’s not completely true: I read books for my classes and for my teaching; books of my students’ work and endless books of governmental instruction for new educational policies.

Yet I rarely had time to read things that I actually wanted to read, let alone share them and my learning with my students. This lack of time to read, think and share my own learning really bothered me.

More young people experience mental health problems than asthma

Jonny Benjamin


Mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin launches new initiative to educate 13 to 18 year olds

Jonny Benjamin, the man behind the worldwide #FindMike campaign, which reached 350 million people and helped saved a number of lives, launches cutting edge workshop to transform mental health for young people and get them talking about the issue.

On Thursday 14th January 2016, Jonny Benjamin, the man who created the phenomenal #FindMike campaign, launches a new mental health workshop ThinkWellfocused on educating the next generation in wellbeing and mental health.

Poor vision among schoolchildren – a hidden cause of under-attainment?

Research suggests that approximately 15% of school-age children have poor vision in one or both eyes. This can make certain tasks more difficult and in some cases, have negative consequences for a child’s learning. Yet according to an investigation by the College of Optometrists, less than a third of Local Authorities provide any vision screening in schools. Against this background, Professor Thomson from City University, London, has developed software known as SchoolScreener EZ™ which can detect poor vision in a simple three minute test.

The most effective ways to interact with kids using technology in the classroom

Laura Varley


While some educators still believe books are best, most realise that in the age of the iPad, children can’t be expected to learn solely from text books anymore. They are used to looking up everything they need to know at a touch of a screen. Take away that interactive element, and they’re going to be pretty disengaged.

Specialist education and technology writer, Laura Varley, reports on behalf of Parago, asset management solutions for schools...

How can educators make sure their students are learning effectively and not just texting each other, though? Here some great ways technology and gadgets in the classroom can boost pupils’ learning.

Healthy New Year’s resolutions – boosting physical activities

Healthy New Year’s resolutions – boosting physical activities


At the top of many of our lists of New Year’s Resolutions is the affirmation to ‘get healthy and be more active’, but encouraging this same enthusiasm and determination among students has traditionally proved more challenging.

All Saints Secondary School in Dagenham, however, seems to be bucking this trend. Last year, the school reported a significant increase in students’ uptake of physical activities, with 95 percent of Key Stage 3 pupils attending at least one extracurricular club.