Recycle-Trux winners announced


As part of its drive to educate children on recycling, local waste management specialists Mick George Ltd and the help of its ingenious Recycle-Trux automobiles, have for the last eight-weeks been giving school Children in Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Boston and Northamptonshire regions the chance to win £1,000 for their school, as well as supplementary prizes for their efforts.

Keen to bring a fresh and fun approach to the topic, Mick George Ltd set the challenge for children, alone, in pairs or small groups to create their very own Recycle-Trux out of recyclable materials.

Extra credit: Incentivising extra-curricular activities


A lack of student engagement and participation in extra-curricular activities is a major issue facing schools. Despite research showing that 70% of businesses believe extra-curricular activities make school leavers stand out in an application, pupil participation continues to be an uphill struggle.

It is a constant challenge for schools to make activities like science club or after-school sports seem as appealing as going out with friends. However, there are solutions available to address this issue. Rewards can be a simple, yet effective technique to encourage more students into extra-curricular activities.

Roald Dahl literary estate and YPO release phizz-whizzing Roald Dahl Day party packs


Schools, nurseries and libraries can benefit from the launch of a completely free downloadable Roald Dahl DAY party pack, thanks to a collaboration between YPO, the UK’s largest public sector buying organisation, and the Roald Dahl Literary Estate responsible for publishing the world’s number one storyteller.

PlayLive challenge week reaches new heights


EducationCity’s annual Challenge Week drew to a close last week (18th-24th June 2017) with record scores being obtained by the 5,350 students and 1,700 schools taking part!

The aim of the week was to find the PlayLive Maths and English Champions for the year, as well as boost excitement and engagement surrounding Maths and English, and culminated in the two top scoring schools, SHAPE International (BFPO) School and Peterhead Central School in Aberdeen being awarded the titles for this year. The winning scores were amazingly high: 92 for PlayLive English and 336 for PlayLive Maths respectively, both of which showed a significant improvement on the winning scores for 2016, which stood at 81 for PlayLive Maths and 132 for PlayLive English.

Primary pupils encouraged to keep learning during school holidays



‘Make Your World Bigger’ digital challenge aims to prevent ‘summer slide’ and rewards learning with prizes  

Primary school pupils are being encouraged to continue their love of learning this summer by taking part in an exciting new digital challenge.

‘Make Your World Bigger’ is being launched by Discovery Education to inspire children to keep learning and prevent a dip in academic skills during the long summer break.

Amthal revises fire and security for Garston manor school


Amthal has worked with Garston Manor School to create a scaleable solution to upgrade the fire and security systems in place and maintain it to the highest quality for the benefit of staff, pupils and visitors.

Garston Manor School is a specialist school for autism, learning difficulties and speech and language, with a vision to ensure all students leave school as confident and self-reliant individuals, following a learning experience that is rewarding and enjoyable.

To ensure all staff can focus on this mission, Amthal carried out an investigative site visit, to understand existing fire and security systems in place, and make recommendations on how to build on, complement and maintain it, using latest technology.

Parental engagement: Joining the dots from school to home

By Iain Bell, managing director of Minted Box – creators of the digital classroom seating planner, MINTclass


While it’s important to implement and manage processes within a school, it’s arguably just as important to extend this beyond the classroom walls. Building strong relationships with those who have a vested interest in the performance of a school and its pupils, particularly parents, is crucial.

It’s widely known that parents have a positive influence on their child’s attainment throughout their time at school, therefore, schools and parents should look to forge strong partnerships, to ensure that both parties are aware of their child’s progress, behaviour and achievements.

Bedfordshire academy trust celebrates "brilliant" results for 11-year-olds across its schools

--- Excellent progress of children reflected in SATs results ---

Pupils and staff across Sharnbrook Academy Federation's schools are celebrating today after achieving fantastic provisional results in national tests for 11-year-olds.

The results in all three schools run by the high-performing Bedfordshire-based Trust which have Year 6 pupils are well above the national average in writing (grammar, punctuation and spelling), in reading and in maths.

Solution-based 3D printing: embracing a holistic approach


Kevin Samuel, Business Development Manager, Y Soft

In recent years, 3D printing has emerged as a highly versatile technology with an exceptional amount of potential. Its possible applications stretch across a vast range of industries and sectors, from healthcare and manufacturing, through to education and a variety of creative pursuits. For these reasons, 3D printing regularly makes headlines.

4 in 10 primary school teachers have suffered from work-related stress in past 6 months - but most still happy in their jobs

Our latest research suggests that four in 10 teachers have suffered from work-related stress in the past six months, as the pressures of planning, marking, paperwork and assessments weigh down on teachers astatscross the country.

The findings, based on a recent survey of 1,500 teachers across the UK, also highlight an ever-increasing workload, with 38% of primary school teachers explaining that their workload has increased over the past year.

Manual gates that maim …


A five-year old child with a head injury after cutting their head on a single entrance gate in a school; a three-year old hospitalised and nearly blinded after a gate in a park swung back and hit him in the head; a six-year old child losing part of his thumb after it was crushed in the hinge of a playground gate – these are just some examples of the injuries that can occur with a badly installed or poorly maintained manual gate.


While Gate Safe was originally set up to address the need for enhanced safety in relation to automated gates, today, Gate Safe actively campaigns for ALL safe gates, manual as well as automated.


Achieving healthy school status with outdoor play equipment


Childhood obesity and its impact on a person’s life-long health has become a major concern over recent years.

As part of a series of measures to tackle it, the government has introduced the National Healthy Schools Programme, through which schools are awarded Healthy School status if they can demonstrate meaningful achievement in four areas: personal, social and health education, healthy eating, physical activity, and emotional health and wellbeing.

Outdoor play equipment can help to fulfil several of the criteria used to judge success in the areas of physical activity, and emotional health and wellbeing.

Physical activity:

How outdoor play can be essential to a child's emotional and physical well being and development


Today’s children are growing up using technology which was the stuff of science fiction for their parents’ generation. They will probably gain a lot of benefit from this, such as the ability to keep in touch with their friends easily, regardless of where they are located geographically. At the same time, however, nothing replaces actual human interaction, or time spent in the outdoors, both of which help them to develop essential life skills.

Technology versus climbing trees

Student - commended by Princes William and Harry - calls for end to intolerance for national school sport week


National School Sport Week takes place this week, 26th-30th June and, now in its ninth Year, thousands of schools are expected to take part.

Last year saw more than 5,000 schools and around 1.8 million young people participate. The initiative aligns with the Youth Sport Trust’s core mission of building a brighter future for young people through sport.

One student celebrating and sharing her experiences is Jemima Browning, 16, who last month was one of 20 young people worldwide awarded a Legacy Award from Princes William and Harry at St James’ Palace.

Jemima excelled as a participant in Youth Sport Trust’s Play Unified campaign, delivered in partnership with Special Olympics Great Britain.