Having entered a competition to win her very own Rover, STEM Coordinator and Science Inclusion Mentor Dr Nickerson was more than excited when she found out she'd won the prize for the Science Department at Didcot Girls School.

Now an established member of the Gratnells product portfolio, the Rover trolley is already a favourite in schools for transporting teaching resources and sports equipment. Designed to move heavier, bulkier loads around school grounds with ease, the trolley is compatible with a variety of different Gratnells tray sizes and combinations and is also able to accommodate Gratnells PowerTrays and SmartCases.

An all-girls' secondary comprehensive school in Oxfordshire with academy status and an Ofsted rating of outstanding, Didcot Girls School has almost 1400 students in attendance ranging from ages 11 to 18. The school also has a mixed sixth form, Didcot Sixth Form College.

Having provided initial positive feedback about the Rover after only a few months of having it in school, Gratnells paid Dr Nickerson a visit to find out how the Rover was making a difference to her day and the lessons she prepares and teaches.

As Dr Nickerson is without a set classroom, preparing for lessons can be tricky and often requires moving quite heavy, bulky equipment and lesson plans and activity sheets from place to place.

On the day Gratnells visited, the next lesson was testing the power levels of different kettles which required travelling a short distance between the Science block and terrapin classrooms in the grounds and the Rover really helped with getting resources from A to B.

Dr Nickerson commented that the Rover made preparing for a day of moving between rooms much easier and appreciated the range of tray combinations that the Rover could house. "It's great having the option for six trays and there's enough space for the bigger or smaller trays so you've got that flexibility". She added that the science department staff currently "make up a tray for a lesson and carry it by hand into a lab so that's two trips, whereas with the Rover trolley it can be loaded up in one go".

Also impressed with the overall design of the trolley, Dr NickersDr Nickerson using the rover trollyon noted that the Rover is much more compact than others and that it can be easily pulled or pushed dependent on preference. She added that the width of the trolley meant that you can manoeuvre it with just one hand while keeping the other free for opening doors.

Calling the Rover trolley her ‘favourite bit of kit', Dr Nickerson mentioned the big tyres, which made moving around the school grounds easier. She added that often the height of the trolley meant that she found herself "standing at the front of the class, leaning on it because it's just the right size", although she knows this isn't the intended purpose!                          

Speaking about sharing her Rover with the rest of the Science department, she said:

"I haven't actually lent it to anybody else yet because I might not get it back again. The other staff are quite jealous! I just love my trolley and I couldn't believe my luck when I won the competition".

Gratnells was grateful to be able to visit Didcot Girls School and see the Rover in action and appreciated the valuable feedback and the positive response to the trolley. The comments received will be used to continually improve current and future Gratnells products.

For more information about Dr Nickerson and the rover trolly please visit www.gratnells.com.

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