SAM is bespoke online staff absence management software for schools and MATS that tells you who has hit triggers, when tasks are due, centralises all documents and quickly provides reports. It was developed by a School Business Manager to address the time and monetary cost of managing staff absence. 

SAM prompts you when actions are due, highlights who is returning to work and when, monitors targets for you and tells you when someone hits a trigger. You can access reports by year, term, department and line manager or even across a trust. You can monitor the cost of absence within your school or trust, look at seasonal trends and year on year performance. 

SAM also now has an Employee Portal which allows employees to log absence online. The line manager receives notifications to review and approve and then the absence is automatically added into SAM. 

SAM is completely bespoke to education, so it works out term-time employment calculations, it allows for inset days and part-time working and it features a range of model documents specific to absence in schools. 

An annual licence to SAM costs from £495 +VAT per year. Our clients are seeing an average reduction of 40% in absent days, improving teaching consistency and reducing costs*. SAM

“Staff absence here was not an issue prior to SAM, as we supported staff well, but the absence process itself was a laborious unnecessary paper system that took up a lot of administration time. There was so much paperwork. Now I put information into SIMS and upload it straight to SAM. I can see straight away what I need to do. We have saved 146 absence days in a year and a half from using SAM, and when you put this into financial terms, the savings are frightening. Our supply costs for the academic year 2015/16 were £22,609, this academic year so far, they are just £2,800. That is a saving of £19,809 from our budget and that is just supply costs. If you take into account the salaries of the staff absent the savings for our school of 70 staff are estimated to be £47,546, making SAM worth every penny**”

Victoria Roome, St John’s Primary School, Bradford

Use SAM’s online calculator to estimate how much your school could save

For more information, go to or give the team a call on 01924 907319 quoting QA. 


* Average reduction in absence days of 40% taken from autumn and spring term results across 10 schools that have effectively used SAM since Sept 2015.
SAM – Staff Absence Management Software

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