Make this the year you protect your people, with the trusted Agrippa magnetic fire door holder.

According to Atomik Research, over one third of people admit that they have seen a fire door propped open in their building. The effects of wedging open a fire door can be devastating, as this allows toxic smoke and flames to spread through the building very quickly. By doing this you are not maintaining an effective means of escape for those you are responsible for within the building, putting their lives at great risk.

British manufacturer Geofire has solved this issue with the Agrippa magnetic fire door holder. The device is fitted to the wall to hold the fire door open using a magnet, avoiding damage to both the fire door and the floor. Agrippa differs from traditional fire door retainers because of its wire-free installation, as the device is battery powered.

magnetic door holder

Geofire is the UK’s leading manufacturer of hard-wired fire door magnets. Nick Goddard, Research and Development Manager, said: “The Agrippa fire door holder isn’t like any other sound activated device on the market It can be installed at any height. However, for a door with a conventional door closer, we recommend installing the holder at the top of the door to avoid costly damage to the door and floor, as well as for hygiene reasons in a hospital environment.

“The Agrippa magnetic fire door holder can be neatly tucked away on the wall behind the door to hold open heavy fire doors. We have incorporated a red button into the holder so users can manually release the doors if and when they wish.”

magnetic door holderPacked with features, the Agrippa magnetic fire door holder has a daily timed release option, to ensure all doors are closed at the end of the day; a battery level indicator, to allow the responsible person to check the status of the holder; and a low battery, fail-safe power cut, to ensure doors are not held open when the unit is out of battery.

Uniquely, the Agrippa magnetic fire door holder can record the sound of your building’s specific fire alarm, ensuring the alarm is the only sound that will release the fire door. This technology was developed by Geofire to greatly reduce false activations from other loud noises. Nick added: “Spending time recording the sound of the building’s exact fire alarm noise during installation reduces frustration and could save lives.”

Wedging open fire doors could lead to legal action under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Act 2006 and Health And Safety at Work Act 1974. The Agrippa magnetic fire door holder is recognised by UK Fire and Rescue Services and the London Fire Brigade, suitable for installation to BS 7273-4 Standard Actuation (Category B) and conforms to EN1155 and is CE marked.

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