Escape Mobility - Providing evacuation solutions

Escape Mobility has been established since 1987 and has a vast amount of experience in providing evacuation solutions for various business sectors. Escape Mobility has a strong and supportive focus on understanding the needs of people in educational buildings and how to evacuate them safely in the event of an emergency.

Evacuation specialists at Escape Mobility can help you to identify if you have the right evacuation equipment and emergency plans in place so that students, teachers and any visitors to your school can be evacuated safely.

Productivity woes require UK to rethink its approach to education


ONS figures confirm Britain’s productivity puzzle, to which lifelong learning presents a key solution

The UK must embrace lifelong learning if it is to make progress towards improved productivity, warns The Open University. This warning comes as productivity figures released today reveal how Britain compares with its fellow G7 nations and largest global trading partners.

How a Story Can Improve Your Child's Mental Development.

Stories are probably as old as language.  We have a deep attachment to many stories of which Bible stories are an obvious example.

Stories are at the root of our ability to communicate and understand what's going on around us. Most of our ways of understanding the world are told as stories in one form or another. Our understanding and our memory are closely intertwined so it is no surprise that stories are a very useful tool for teaching and to aid our memory. Whether you wish to learn a set of directions, the names of a group of new friends, a recipe or your times tables, by developing a story around what you wish to learn is a simple and powerful way of doing it.



Going to university may not be cheap, but for those who leave with a good degree it is still a sound investment which can open doors and reap significant financial dividends across their working life.

Which is why it is essential for tomorrow’s graduates to make the most of their education today, laying down the tracks that will secure them a place at a top university and, ultimately, a qualification to be proud of.

Performance related pay: make it fair and transparent

Recent research released by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) revealed that one in 12 teachers have been denied a salary increase since performance-related pay (PRP) was introduced in 2014.

With the power and responsibility of PRP being given to schools, Damien Roberts, business development director at Schoolip by Derventio, looks at how teaching staff can gather the right information throughout the performance cycle, ensuring that the process is fair and transparent.

75,000 children across the UK join forces to protect precious pollinators

205 schools begin plans to transform their grounds to create insect homes

205 schools located across all counties within the UK, are celebrating the news that they been selected to participate in the UK wide ‘Polli:Nation’ project – an initiative which supports schools to provide food and shelter for Britain’s pollinating insects.

The 205 selected schools have been handpicked, following an application process that required them to demonstrate how they would like to transform their grounds to support the dwindling population of Britain’s pollinators.

Egg-citing adventure at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre

Gear up for an Egg-citing adventure at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre and SEA LIFE Manchester this Easter!

Families can have the ultimate fun day in Manchester at not one, but two fantastic attractions this Easter! LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre and SEA LIFE Manchester are ready to give guests a fun-filled week, full of exciting activities and even a taste of brand new additions at the attractions.

The Evolution of Technology in Schools

Technology has dramatically changed the learning experience in the classroom, very few teachers would disagree with that. From filmstrips to virtual learning environments, technology has transformed the quality of education within only a few years.

Surely some conservative teachers feel nostalgic about the old traditional classroom, where students used to take notes from the blackboard and share rooms with other grades. This, of course, had some advantages, such as social interaction, a certain structure and familiarity - things that an online learning environment might lack, some could argue.

The National Society for Education in Art and Design Survey Report 2015-16


The detrimental consequences of government policy on art, craft and design education have been exposed by the findings of The National Society for Education in Art and Design Survey Report 2015-16 to be launched at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design in Education at 4pm on Tuesday 9 February 2016.

Commenting ahead of NSEAD’s report launch, Sharon Hodgson MP, Chair of the All- Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design in Education, said:

“Nurturing creativity and opening the minds of our children and young people to different horizons should be an important part of any child's or young person’s education, and the provision of high-quality art and design education is an important way of doing just that.


Randstad Student Support, a leading provider of learning support staff, has taken a group of 15 budding Formula 1 racing engineers to the Williams Martini Racing F1 Factory for a day of innovation, excitement and engineering insight.

The lucky group from North Shropshire College included 14 students who fought off tough competition to win the trip, managing to take home the trophy in a competition hosted by Randstad Student Support at the Association of Colleges conference held in November.

Randstad Student Support worked with 65 further education colleges and 93 universities around the UK last year, providing vital support for 28,000 students, helping them to achieve their potential.

Education rides out the recession above private sector roles

Education has proven its mettle as one of the top most recession-proof careers in the UK over the past decade, according to an analysis of ONS and professional industry data carried out by specialist recruiter Randstad Education.

Randstad’s analysis ranks each occupation by the change in the aggregate wage bill for full-time staff between 2002 and 2014, adjusting for the effects of inflation.  This takes account of both the resilience of employment levels and real wages to provide a rounded view of how recession-proof each occupation is.

How can Wi-Fi networks in schools and colleges live up to expectations?

The real Wi-Fi heroes in schools, colleges and universities are the hardworking IT teams. Whilst IT teams in businesses would tend to focus more heavily on either high performance or high-density coverage, educational institutions require both. Similarly, IT teams in educational institutions may be required to onboard hundreds of new users and thousands of new devices multiple times over the course of a year.


As the Education and Adoption Bill reaches its final stage in the House of Lords, Cllr Roy Perry, Chairman of the Local Government Association’s Children and Young People Board, said:

“Councils must be regarded as education improvement partners and not a barrier to change. This Bill should remove the bureaucratic barriers that are currently stopping councils from intervening in underperforming schools and allow them to share their extensive experience and expertise.

The Growth of Educational Technology in Our Classrooms: What to expect in 2016

Tablet computers are now present in almost 70% of primary and secondary schools in the UK, according to a study from Tablets for Schools .

Educational technology (EdTech) is very much a part of our education system today. Rising number of technological devices and new innovations in EdTech mean it’s here to stay.

However, while many educators welcome the advances in technology, there are still those who question the place of tech in the classroom.

Supply firm announces free 360° safeguarding service for client schools

Connex Education has taken the industry lead in reducing online threats to children by introducing a “vital last link” to a suite of free safeguarding support it gives to its schools. Based in Liverpool, the national education supply company already gives its client schools access to free safeguarding training for their staff and free help for pupils’ parents to understand issues around online safety of their children.

Now the company has taken a further huge step – it is giving its schools free access to an award-winning peer-to-peer support scheme in which the children themselves learn to help protect each other online.