innocent drinks to reach ¼ UK primary schools with food education campaign

Innocent drinks and not-for-profit organisation Grow It Yourself have teamed up with parenting blogger and chef, Emily Leary for this year’s Sow & Grow campaign. Setting out to get ¼ of all UK primary school kids out in the fresh air, the campaign encourages kids to stick their hands in some dirt, and have some fun growing their own veg.  

Michael Kelly, founder of not-for-profit organisation Grow-It-Yourself and partners in the campaign, said: “It’s a fact that food growers have a better understanding of nutrition and eat more fruit and veg. Over the years we have repeatedly seen how even the simplest food-growing experience can make children passionate about what they eat, and help them develop a greater understanding and ‘food empathy’”

“That’s why today, innocent and GIY launch our Sow & Grow campaign; encouraging school kids across the UK to get outside, stick their hands in some mud and learn about the benefits of healthy eating. We want everyone to have those all-important memories of growing their own. This year’s campaign is bigger and broader than ever - 250,000 children will take part in over 8,000 schools in the UK and Ireland”

A recent survey of 1500 parents, undertaken by innocent drinks, found that:

84% of parents believe children would make healthier choices if they knew where their food came from

over a third supported the idea of an in-school campaign

55% felt the best way for children to learn about healthy eating was to grow their own fruit and vegetables at in the classroom and at home.

However, one in five parents have never attempted to produce homegrown produce themselves, with an honest 14% admitting to not having the time or energy to encourage a diet of fruit and vegetables all of the time

Emily Leary, cook and parenting blogger for ‘A Mummy Too’ is backing the campaign, saying: “I can’t wait to get involved in this year’s Sow & Grow and encourage parents and kids to get passionate about food. As a mum of two, I know how difficult it can be to get kids to eat their all-important portions of fruit and veg. I find that one of the best ways to get my kids excited about all things healthy is to get them involved in making their own food – starting with growing their own. It enables them to fully understand where their food comes from, which ultimately makes meal times that little bit easier!” 

Teachers can sign up to get their very own growing kit full of seeds, info packs and lesson plans, helping kids with everything they need to get involved. And it’s all absolutely free. 

Throughout the campaign, parents and teachers are given the opportunity to share their photos at  and be in with the chance to win monthly prizes and see their classroom crowned as Sow & Grow champions later this summer.


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