A History-based competition for UK schools and pupils, brought to you by 60 second histories. Entries will be judged by educationalists:

Alison Peacock – @AlisonMPeacock
Executive Head of the Wroxham Teaching School & Educational Research Centre. Coauthor of Learning without Limits and from January 2017, CEO of the Chartered College of Teaching.

Kevin Hicks – @HistorySquad
Creator of the History Squad and author of 60 second histories, Kevin delivers history in a fun, fascinating and relevant way.

Matthew Howorth – @HoworthM
Author of Teaching Primary History and Head of History at Twickenham Prep Matthew still finds time to edit the SATIPS broadsheet. 

“This is a great opportunity to inspire young historians! I’m pleased to support this initiative.” Alison Peacock, The Wroxham Teaching School 

60 second histories 

Following last year’s EPIC success, My EPIC Era 2017 launches its competition for schools and pupils throughout the UK.cameraman

Brought to you by 60 second histories and Kevin Hicks’ History Squad, My EPIC Era aims to deliver history in a fun, fascinating and relevant way. 60 second histories know, from working with and listening to teachers, that some of the best learning happens when they use les- son- ipping techniques.

My EPIC Era is a competition that puts the pupils in the driving seat, allowing them to share their passion and knowledge of their favourite historical era. My EPIC Era 2017 is open for entries until the 31 March 2017. 

The winning entry 

The winning entry will have their EPIC era made into a series of 60 second hist ories lms. The winners will write, direct and even star in the lms which will be shared on the 60 second histories’ website for all schools to use.

See last year’s winning entries – now free to view online at 60 second histories’ website. 

How to enter 

Entry is online at My Epic Era.co.uk: myepicera.co.uk
The entrants are asked to name their favourite era in history and tell us all about it – they can write about it , draw it, make it – they can even sing or film it. 

First Prize 

The winners will have their EPIC era made into a 60 second histories lm, or series of lms. Together with Kevin Hicks and the 60 second histories lm crew, the winners will help script write, direct, act and produce the lms. The lms will be uploaded into onto the website for the whole teaching world to see and use in their classrooms. See winning entry here 

Runner-up prizes 

The second prize winner, will receive a half-day history workshop delivered at their school by the History Squad (worth £350). The three runners up will receive an EPIC ‘History Goody Bag’ for their class. 

What last year’s winners say 

“Winning the competition has, without doubt, brought their stories completely to life. Making these ‘60 second’ History lms, will be a memory they will never forget and as a result will hopefully enthuse them to see the personal stories of people from the past, who have lived through a diverse set of historical events and social settings.

“Following on from the pupils research into these soldiers’ lives and the writing of their stories, which was an undertaking in itself, the making of ‘60 second histories lms’ has to be the best way to truly understand what these men went through.” 

"As a teacher, I wanted the pupils to research, interpret and write ‘the lost story’ of Old Wycliffians from our school, who fought in the World War One." Steve Arman, Head of History at Wycliffe Prep 

What teachers say 

It was a great competition, the kids were really engaged and when I read to them your comments regarding their entry they were eager to make plans for another entry next year!

Nura Hassen, Barnwell School, Hertfordshire

Entering the EPIC Era competition allowed Holly to deepen her understanding of the Roman topic we had been studying in school, to apply her knowledge and to make links across the curriculum. It was a wonderful opportunity for her to show her creative air. Furthermore, the experience increased her self esteem and winning the workshop for her class was a wonderful opportunity for her to give something back to her class community.

I would heartily recommend the competition to others.

Diana McDonald, Fleetville Junior School

“My EPIC era gives pupils a chance to show o their love of his tory, be creative and give them a chance to win a fabulous prize.”

Robert Lloyd Williams, Monkton Combe 

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