Half of school students aged between 16 and 18 say they will consider an apprenticeship after leaving school, a new report claims. 

The study was commissioned by AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) ahead of National Apprenticeship Week next week to find out more about what it is young people are after. 

Results from the study showed that 37% of young people wanted to start earning money straight away, while 35% wanted to get valuable work experience, and 30% wanted to learn valuable work skills as soon as possible. 

The study also revealed that two thirds of 16-30 year olds (that's eight million young Britons) think an apprenticeship could fast track their careers over going to university. 

Furthermore, more than half of degree holders would consider an alternative route into employment rather than a university degree, while nearly half (45%) will still consider doing an apprenticeship in the future.

AAT also found that 900,000 UK firms (58%) doMost employers hire someone with the right attitude and relevant work experience not look for candidates with a degree when recruiting entry-level roles, and only 16% said they always want their new employees to have a degree. 

In fact, 49% wanted the candidate to have the right attitude (49%), followed by relevant work experience (23%).

Chief executive of AAT Mark Farrar believes apprenticeships offer a fantastic opportunity for young people and is eager to encourage school-leavers to consider all their options. 

He said: “Apprenticeships can do much for social mobility, allowing people to gain a recognised qualification and professional skills while earning a salary. In an increasingly competitive job market, we wanted to really delve into what young people of today were thinking ahead of embarking on their career paths. 

“At AAT we strongly support the Government’s apprenticeship levy, set to be introduced at the end of this month. People of all ages can get ahead by doing an apprenticeship and businesses will have an alternative source of expertise to draw on – a work ready pool of talent. An apprenticeship is a clear way to show how good quality training can help people kick start their careers.’’


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