iF Design Award 2017 goes to Musicon!

A revolutionary musical instrument for children invented in Poland has won the most prestigious design award. iF Design Award 2017 goes to Musicon! 

- We are extremely happy to receive this award. What is incredible is that the award night is right after the launching our Kickstarter campaign. The campaign launch date is March 1st and it will help us to receive enough funding to begin production of Musicons – explains Kamil Laszuk, designer of Musicon.

14+ Appenticeship Academy students raise over £1,000 for charity

A couple of aspirational students from Leeds City College’s 14+ Apprenticeship Academy organised a successful charity event last week, raising over £1,000 for Nephrotic Syndrome Trust (NeST).

Bethany Denison, who suffers from Nephrotic Syndrome (NS), and Elliot Carroll led on creating and organising the event that took place at Park Lane Campus, as part of a Year 11 Citizenship project.

Visionary educator develops pastoral care evidence and improvement tool

Bag your school a complimentary 14-day trial of Pastoral Auditor during February!


The brain child of a visionary deputy headteacher from Telford, Pastoral Auditor is the industry’s first secure online pastoral effectiveness tool for secondary schools & academies.

Developed by safeguarding specialist SSS Learning, Pastoral Auditor enables educators to deliver detailed evidence of different year and gender groups’ knowledge and understanding in PSHE, Citizenship, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development and Personal Development and Welfare to improve strategy planning. 

Gate Safety Week 2017:

school gates

In 2012, DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) created ‘Gate Safety Week’, a campaign aimed at creating awareness about the installation and maintenance of automated gates.  Its objectives?  To educate both the public and industry professionals on the dangers of poor installation and maintenance, as well as how to spot an unsafe gate and how to report it.

The campaign has grown progressively over the years and we are delighted that organisations such as NSI, HSE, The British Safety Council and Gate Safe, have backed our on-going drive for best practice and higher standards across the industry.  

Brass for Beginners

Brass for Beginners

Brass for Beginners, an American venture which introduces children to brass instruments through the use of natural trumpets, is to launch its products into the UK. Brass for Beginners is the first brass programme geared specifically for the primary school classroom. It is a ‘learn by ear’ method utilizing a cross-disciplinary curriculum and a natural trumpet designed for school-age children. 

The story-driven approach, tracing the development and significance of lip-blown instruments throughout human history, engages young learners and helps to place emphasis on musical outcomes while students develop the skills necessary for success in playing modern brass instruments. 

What could state primary schools learn from/implement from the Steiner approach?

Steiner schools ( are always co-educational, fully comprehensive and take pupils from 3 to ideally 18. They welcome children of all abilities from all faiths and backgrounds.

The priority of the Steiner ethos is to provide an unhurried and creative learning environment where children can find the joy in learning and experience the richness of childhood rather than early specialisation or academic hot-housing. 

They stand out from state primary schools in a variety of ways – the following five points are perhaps the key differentials:

1. An unhurried approach to learning

Legal process of converting a school into an Academy

Richard Riley,

Richard Riley, Associate Solicitor in the education team at Slater Heelis LLP explains the legal process of converting a school into an academy and the possible implications that arise once your application has been approved. 

So, you’ve passed your registration and consultation, your eligibility has been acknowledged and your application accepted, it’s now time to get the legal wheels in motion. 

You will need to seek legal advice throughout the process, even before receipt of your Academy Order from the Secretary of State. Choosing an experienced firm of solicitors is vital to saving you many headaches down the line.


Is the future homework free? Expert Jo Otto shares the facts

Children at school

There’s a long-running debate on the benefits of homework. Last week former England footballer, Gary Lineker, (father of four himself) had called for homework to be banned as ‘all it does is drive a massive wedge between parents and children’, claiming that parents are the ones that end up doing the work. 

So does homework still have a place? Former teacher of 15 years and mother of two, Jo Otto,gives her verdict. 

Prowise UK Director says teachers need to stop testing technology and start embracing it

children learning

There is something special about having your name announced as one of the best in the business. There is something incredible about being part of a company you believe in as they are recognised by one of the world’s most prestigious industry awards.

International education technology specialist Prowise won the Digital Device award for their Chromebook ProLine at the BETT awards this year. A huge achievement for all of us. 

The Chromebook ProLine is our new addition to the Prowise personal device range. The device transforms from laptop to tablet in a few clicks, it’s advanced durability means you (or your students) can drop it from up to 90cm high and it won’t get broken.

Bridging the gender gap: The case for single-sex education

Year 8 Boys

The educational gender gap has long been a recurring headline and 2016’s GCSE results once again highlighted the difference between the sexes.

Girls outperformed boys by nearly 9% last year - the widest gap since 2002. The contrast in achievement is not a recent trait, however, with research showing that as far back as the 1950s – in the era of the O-level – girls achieved better grades.*

And the gap has been revealed as a worldwide concern, with a recent paper revealing girls do better than boys in the classroom in 70% of countries. The research also showed the gap prevailed even in those countries where gender inequality towards women is prevalent.**

National Education Technology Conference


• The National Education Technology conference is to be held by Naace in Leicester on 28 – 29 March 2017

• Speakers include Lee Parkinson (@ICT_MrP), Dughall McCormick, Patrick Hayes, Steve Moss, Jon Tait and many more

• The conference will examine the role of education technology alongside the main issues of education including leadership, teaching and learning, and innovation

Sony’s new solution Vision Exchange™ brings Active Learning and corporate meetings alive


Simple drag & drop control to encourage discussions with Active Learning and Content sharing with remote locations


Sony introduces Vision Exchange, the intuitive new collaboration solution for education and corporate users. 

Uniquely flexible and cost effective, Vision Exchange brings together students, lecturers and presenters in a dynamic workgroup-based environment that encourages creative discussion and knowledge exchange.