Since its creation, Monkey Music has become synonymous with the delivery of high quality musical education across the UK – bringing music into the lives of more than 200,000 children aged between 3 months and 5 years old. And, as one of Britain’s most lauded franchise companies, it has also nurtured the business and teaching careers of hundreds of women.

Monkey Music founder, Angie Coates, herself a teacher of music, values her own experience of working with children and teachers in a school environment and this is testament to Monkey Music’s pioneering curriculum and teaching style which has become the template and standard for pre-school music education across the UK.  Today, over 12,000 babies and young children visit Monkey Music every week and are grouped in to classes according to their age – they progress through four distinct stages of the bespoke musical curricula which comprises of over 500 original songs and musical activities. The curricula uses music as a foundation to support all aspects of child development focusing particularly on social and emotional development, language development and physical development.


“As a musician I am passionate about the power of music and how it makes people feel.  As a teacher I discovered that by sharing my love of music I could use music to support the children’s wider development. I found this extremely exciting and rewarding!”

There are now nearly 50 Monkey Music franchise owners stretching the length and breadth of the country, from Glasgow to Exeter. With over 120 teachers delivering the Monkey Music classes every week in over 300 venues, Monkey has become something of a cult hit in many areas!

Many of the franchisees who have joined Monkey Music have a teaching background with a passion for music at their core. They seek flexible working hours and for many, as franchise business owners, Monkey Music is the perfect answer in their desire to build on their experience as teachers whilst moving on to a new challenge being supported by an experienced team and proven business model. Everyone at Monkey Music is motivated by exceptional high standards and musical integrity behind the company and also the fact that they earn an excellent return on their own time and any personal financial investment. 

The award winning Monkey Music franchise business model has been established for 22 years and it attracts highly motivated, creative and business-minded people who want to run their own business.

Monkey Music is looking for new franchisees to bring the unique music class experience to more families around the UK, so if you are: 

• passionate about music

• looking to work flexible hours

• motivated to run your own business

• and value an early music education

Contact Hannah today to find out more about how Monkey Music could become your future career, on 01582 766464 or email or visit